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Prophecies and Changes

As we head through the Fall equinox we are also approaching some interesting times of prophecy. One is the end of 2011 and the beginning of 2012. I believe the 2012 shift, often based on the Mayan Calendar, is about we, as a society, moving out of fear and greed into a more love based society. I think we have been in this process and the peak of it is the year 2012. There is a Hopi prophecy about four astral bodies causing amazing shifts on our planet. A comet that is being tracked by NASA meets the description of some of this prophecy. The first time we came into alignment with this comet was the day before the Japan earthquake/tsunami. The next time we come into alignment will be Monday. Of course there are many predictions of huge earthquakes and the such, but I don’t want to talk about the fear. I want to share some of my recent experiences, what the fairies have to say, and my insight so far.

The last couple months I have been personally experiencing what I describe as inner upheaval. It is like my guides have decided that I need to move forward now and fast. The monthly messages have been about honesty, releasing, and basically being stripped down another layer to the authentic self. I have been experiencing this in multiple ways. The universe brought me multiple opportunities to see, hear, and feel the places in my relationships where I was not living in my integrity. My biggest lesson in this life seems to be that I need to stop taking responsibility for those around me and focus on what I need to. I can make plenty of excuses of how people need me, can’t do it alone, or have no one else, but that is all a lie. Everyone is as capable as me to take care of themselves. It is my ego wanting to be stroked or my fear that clings to these notions. So, once again I have to shift my focus to myself and my path and draw some boundaries and let go of roles I have played. Some of these have been more difficult then others and I am still in the process. Along with this revelation I was brought another one. It is time for me to focus more on and really claim my channeling work. I have resisted being a channel from the beginning. I love to talk to the Fairies and share their information through writing or in a reading with someone but not in the way of being a direct channel. In 2005 I had the Fairies come and tell me it was time to allow them to speak through me and I have fought it tooth and nail every step of the way. I have done the channeling often since then, but I slow it down and don’t claim it and only really allow it in a certain connection. Well, it is time to surrender and allow them to deepen this connection. After getting myself physically ill and injured, I finally decided to face what I had been running from. I am a Fairy Channeler.

I am sharing all this with you to illustrate what this time of prophecy and change is about. It is time for all of us to step forward and deepen our path. It is time for all of us to peel away another layer towards our authentic self. It is time for Humanity to surrender to the energy that we are a part of. No matter what you do, how you fight it, or what denial you are in, you will still be dragged along. I suggest we all stop fighting. We are here on this Earth in this timeline for a purpose. That purpose is being revealed to us now.

The Fairies wanted me to share this from them. “We are here. Call on us when you feel alone. Call on us when you feel stuck. Call on us when you think you have no hope. We will bring you solutions. We will bring you clarity. We will bring you miracles. They may not be what you think they should look like or what you think you want, but they are exactly what you need. They will fulfill you more then any daydream could. You are safe to step forward and it is time.” – The Fairies

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Send Love to The Waters

I have gotten many emails, comments, and posts about the radiation from all the problems with the nuclear plants in Japan. People are afraid for themselves, the water, the plants and the animals. I decided after the final push last night to ask the Fairies for a message about this. As usual it is a larger message about the times we are in and how to focus our intent and energy.

I am instantly under water and greeted by a crowd of mermaids and mermen. One steps, or I guess swims, forward to speak for the crowd.

“We know that many of you are scared. There is so much fear for the safety of yourself and others. You have been told by many about the healing power of water. How water is a transmitter of energy. How people have prayed over polluted lakes and they became clean. Remember this when you think about the radiation pouring into the ocean, or even into the sky. Both are full of water and both can be instantly healed. Both can instantly transmute the harmful energy into pure clean energy. When you find your mind starting to worry bring your focus to love and send that to the ocean, to the sky, to the plants, to the animals, and to yourself. It is also important to remember that everything is co-creation between you, the planet, humanity, the animals, and the ocean. Nothing is victimized. This event is part of a larger creation. A growing number of humanity has been pushing against oil and nuclear fuel based energy. What better way to tip that scale and shift more then the oil spill and now this, so close together? What better way then to have it spill into the healing waters of Earth? See this as an energy to help push forward new ways of humanity to generate energy. Your reality is shifting. It will not be anything like your present day experience and it will not be anything like you have experienced in the past. Do not look for old ways of being to try to puzzle into the now. Open to the new ideas and innovation that will create your reality of the future. Do not try to figure out how to get there, just figure out what you want it to feel like. Remember there are many of us, and other beings, working with all of you to do this.”

I thanked them and came back to spread the message.

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The Disaster in Japan is a Way to the New World Order

As we take another step in a tumultuous year it leads us to another disaster. I am talking, of course, about the many events in Japan. The Earthquake which led to a very physical shift in the Earth’s structure, followed by Tsunami, followed by volcanic eruption, followed by a problematic nuclear reactor seems almost more like a bad story plot for an action movie then a real life occurrence. Yet here we are watching live on TV, Youtube, Twitter, and any other way we communicate these days, the events unfold. Many I talk to feel informed and yet powerless to help. We see this happening and our hearts break for those going through this but many are not in a position to financially or physically do anything. So I did what I know I can do. I got a perspective from the Fairies about the situation and advice on where we can focus our thoughts and our energy.

I am instantly met with thunderous laughter. There is a crowd of Fairies all around.

“We keep telling you that you are in a time of great shifting. That there will be chaos and intense times and yet you are surprised at every event that is happening. Do you get it now? This is the time of great shifting!! Chaos will be prevalent on the Earth!”

I am little taken a back by their attitude, “But many are experiencing great fear, pain and sorrow. It is hard for us humans to hold the larger perspective when facing such devastating events. Can you help with ideas on how to focus our energy or shift our thoughts and perspective?”

I see a gentle, wizened grandmother type gnome’s face, full of compassion, as she steps out of the crowd. She has a sweet smile. “It is like you are all children. You are experiencing something beyond your comprehension and control and this leads to the fear and pain. Yes, these events can feel horrific, but they are greatly needed to release all this old junk that it is in the way for your new. It is time for a new approach to these ‘disasters’ you experience. You can lend aid, but stop trying to save others. It is like you are running around trying to put out fire after fire but never stopping the cause. Do not ask ‘how can we fix it?’ but instead ask ‘what can we replace that with?’ The reason these events happened in Japan is because they are the most innovative in their approach to replacing things. This ‘disaster’ will lead humanity into a completely new way of living. Humanity needed this to happen in the place it happened to completely rethink how you experience your planet and how you live on and interact with it. Japan is a bridge between the East and the West and will bring both cultures into the process.”

Next a tall slender Blue Fairy steps forward. He is dressed like a great pianist about to play in the finest concert hall, but all in blue. “It is time to get into your fear. Where are you still unsafe? These are the places you are not making authentic choices. These are the places you are not listening to your heart, or intuition. It is time to start shifting your own life, before you are too deep in the chaos. The old ways of navigating your reality are no longer smooth, easy, or the way to do it. Find your way in your world instead of trying to fix the old world of someone else and trying to make yourself fit in it. Life begins again each day. Meet it with a fresh perspective and an open mind and heart.”

A yellow pixie flies up to my face and is almost standing on my nose. She says, “You can either look at the chaos and destruction and think, ‘oh no what will we do, how horrible!’ or you can think, ‘Wow what an amazing clearing of old. Now we have the space to create what we have been blocked on. Now we as a global community can start anew.’ It is all about your focus.”

A large regal Fairy appears before me and seems to command the very air we are breathing. “Do not think we are making light of a serious situation. We are showing you the silver lining. Open to the positive to clear away your tears. See the light in what feels like dark times. This will help you shift gently. This will heal that which was already wounded and has now surfaced to be cleared.”

I thank the group for their wisdom and “come back”.

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