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The Tornado Fairy

I was pulled out of my bed tonight with a question pushing in on my mind. What are all these tornadoes energetically about? Why are they happening now? How can we help those affected energetically? Here is what the Fairies had to say.

“Tornadoes are abrupt, violent, change. They are tearing through your space with no warning and destroying all in their path. It is a pure destructive force. Where Earthquakes are about shaking up old foundations to make change tornadoes are different. They are ripping off the stagnate energy on the surface to get to the depth underneath. There is no need for all the emotional water of a hurricane. Tornado is a no nonsense lets tear this down so we can re-build kind of energy.”
I thought I would let you know this Fairy is a tornado fairy. He says he does not direct the energy of a tornado but instead assists those going through the experience of a tornado.
“Humanity is ready to go deep. These are tearing through the middle of your country to help break up stagnate energy and reveal deeper issues, hidden treasures, and help bring your focus back to humanity. Many in your country have been caught in the Us and Them state of mind. You have been thinking in dollars, and politics, and geography. You do not connect to your brothers and sisters and say I love and accept you no matter what. Why? Are you not the family of the human race? Do you not occupy the same space? You can have your judgments and opinions but when devastation strikes those fall to the side. There is no reason to be petty when someone needs help. You hear of a disaster and you send light and love. Send it before the disaster hits. Not just to the nameless people out in the world but to all those you know. Send love to everyone in your life right now. It is not an issue of if they are deserving or trying to change people. Accept and love everyone in the world right now. Love every Democrat and every Republican, every Christian and Pagan, every terrorist and every soldier, every politician, and every member of your family. It does not matter if you disagree with them or feel wronged by them or fear them. You can still love and accept them. It is not about right and wrong it is about feeding the depth of Humanity’s soul. Would you deny them the air around them? Love is more plentiful and free then air.
You ask what these tornadoes are about and what to do. The answer is love. They are here to invoke love. They are breaking open the heart of the country. All you have to do is love. We Fairies are doing what we can, with the angels and others, to help those who received hurt, loss, and/or pain from these events. Let everyone know we are spreading are magic around. Your magic is love, spread it around.”

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