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Ask Me About The Fairies February 2012

I am starting a new way of sharing information about The Fairies. I will answer one of your questions each month in my Blog and on Facebook. Please ask your question in the comments below. Also I will be answering more general questions you have about The Fairies not personal questions for you or your connection. If you would like that you can purchase a personal Fairy Message from my website.

Evie Nance asks “Is it true that time is more fluid where the fey folk are? Can people be under fey magic and therefore, be under a more fluid time system? Or rather be slippery in regards to time? I heard today that one of the signs that the fairies are around you is odd things happening with time. Ex) running faster or slower, etc.”

First we must remember that time is a Human tool we have created to navigate our reality. As Einstein said; time is relative. The Fairies do not choose to operate under the same laws that Humans decided to operate under. When we connect with The Fairies we start shifting from our very narrow experience of our reality into a larger perspective. This can make time be odd because we are no longer operating under the laws of the reality we have been living in. I have had experiences where time was kind of warped. I have had it take shorter amount of time while driving between two points I have driven many times before. I have had moments that felt like hours in deep conversation and only had 15 minutes pass. The most odd one I can recall was when I did a deep energy session using a CD that I know is a little over an hour long. The CD had finished and we had time without it but when I looked at the clock it had only been 56 minutes.

So, yes these kind of things can occur. Do not worry about being stuck in a time warp or stuck in the Fairy Realm. I find that these time fluxes are usually more helpful then not. They are just little reminders to not get stuck in our own limits that we created.