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The Shootings

After the shootings in Connecticut, here in the U.S., I had many people ask me for a message from the Fairies to help gain some perspective and lift them out of their grief. I was having trouble doing it yesterday and I figured out why this morning. I needed to share a perspective I have gained from working with the Fairies about the violence in our society. Already people are calling for stricter gun control laws or blaming violence in the media. We are a violent society and I don’t believe that comes from the media or our weapons. To me that is like saying sadness comes from crying too much. The violent acts we see, feel, and experience are a reaction not a cause. We were incredibly violent for many years in this country before media. We fought wars, beat slaves, and experienced rape before there was even a radio. Plus the weapons were our inventions and they were not created without a purpose. We are not naturally violent but it is a natural reaction to oppression. When a wild animal is caged it lashes out. We are in a society that is very oppressive. It was incredibly oppressive and we were incredibly violent. Our society is becoming less and less violent as people become freer to pursue the lives, spirituality, and relationships that they want. This has been changing over time all over the world. In some countries there is more violent acts on a regular basis, then here in the U.S. and I would argue that those people are under a more oppressive government or religious rule. We have been seeing a lot of these types of governments tumbling down in the last few years and that is because it is time for Humanity to be free. We are in a time of chaos, shifting, and intense energies. This shift is not that we will all be love and light and happy all the time. This shift is about we as a society choosing; love over fear, compassion over hate, and conscious living over unconscious living. Why did this tragedy happen? It could be that it will put a spotlight on the untreated people walking around with wounded hearts and minds. It could be that it is time for us to revisit laws on our guns. It could be that these beings that passed needed to do their work on the other side. I don’t know and probably never will. We need to stop asking why and instead ask how we are going to react to it. I asked the Fairies for a message too. Here is what they had to say:
“This event has triggered in many of you grief, sadness, anger, and the feeling of powerlessness. We say trigger and not caused because those feelings were in you already. These feelings were in the mass consciousness of Humanity already. You do not need to figure out why the feelings were there just acknowledge them, feel them, and release them. These acts of violence that are occurring and will continue to occur all over your world and your reality are catalysts for these feelings to be released. It is like a wave that travels across the globe peaking high in certain spots and certain times. The US needed this catalyst to release and open to more compassion. There are no villains or evil doers to fight. There is just fear and wounds of the heart that can be dissolved with love and compassion. Take this time to reflect on where you still feel hurt and love that part of yourself. Look for those around you that are having trouble and love them in what ever seems the healthiest way. Mostly this is a reminder to focus love on the children in your life. Children hold the keys to joy, wonder, and love. Help them remember that, honor them, and give them the space to shine.” ~ The Fairies.