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The Solar Eclipse Means Expansion

On May 20th, 2012 there will be a full solar eclipse that will be in alignment with Pleiades, a new moon, and the sun will be shifting from Taurus to Gemini. On June 5th and 6th Venus will be transiting the sun. It seemed we are stepping into another time of the energy peaking in intensity. I decided it was time to get a message from The Fairies and some guidance for this time.
Once I tune in she comes blazing forward looking part phoenix, part human, and part Djinn. Every part of her is fire and light. She comes from the sun and rides on streams of light. She speaks
“I am the Fairy of the eclipse you are wishing to speak about. You can call me Solari.” she says to me.
“Are you the only Fairy that is working with the eclipse?” I ask
“No, but I am one of a few that are completely embodying this energy.”
“Oh, I see. What can you tell me about the energy of this eclipse?”
“This eclipse is a powerful one for Humanity. It is a gateway point on many levels. The main theme is limitless potential. Choose to unlock all your potential and see the possibilities. Expand the vision of who you are, what you do, who others are, what your world is, and how your life is forming. What ever you need will be supplied. What ever you wish can be granted but only if it is from your pure self, what is often referred to as your higher self.”
“Can you explain more about this being a gateway point? For what and who?”
“It will be a time that ideas, beings, and projects will be birthed. It is also a time when beings, relationships, and old ways of being need to pass. These things can happen at any time, but this day, and the week on either side, will feel like waves of shifting washing around you. Some will feel this as chaos; others will find a lot of peace. It will be a time when feelings, events, and circumstances swing from one extreme to another. We suggest that you make choices that support who you are and who you are becoming, take action on things you have been waiting on, and express yourself honestly otherwise you may feel “forced” to. This is a great time for risks and not a time to sit and examine. No matter how you experience these couple of weeks the other side will be lighter and more playful. The energy of Venus interacting with the sun will shower the Earth with the happy waters it will need to feed all that came through the gateway.”
“This sounds intense. Do you have any suggestions for those of us who already feel tired from their extreme experiences of 2012?”
“Yes. Remember that you are not alone. This does not have to feel like more work but can be more freedom. There are many in your realm and our realm ready to help. Ask for help. Open to receive help. Allow the change instead of feeling like you have to make it happen. It is happening no matter what you do.”
“That does help”
“This is more of a shift of awareness then of action. It will make events happen. You cannot help that. When Humanity shifts its awareness then their reality shifts accordingly. When the mass consciousness shifts on a large scale, all of reality must align itself. This eclipse is an expansion of the mass consciousness of Humanity. Reality will mirror this to you.”
“Any last bits of advice?”
“Yes. Relax. Breathe. Trust. Soak up the sun.”
I smile, give thanks, and come back.