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Urgent Message From The Fairies

I was going about my day, thinking I was done with the “business” portion and moving on to my household chores when I felt the “tapping” on my psychic self. The Fairies had a message and as much as I wanted to say “Look, there is laundry to be folded!” I knew it would be in vain. When they have something say I will be driven crazy till I sit down and get the message. So, here is the message they insisted needed to be shared today and to everyone as soon as possible.


“We know that many of you are feeling crazy, raw, spent, and broken. It is too often you feel like the goal is just out of your grasp. It is like you are struggling continuously with no relief. We feel in many of you the desire to just give up. Please do not. You and your magical energy are needed now more then ever on your planet. You cannot stop now. These feelings are the feelings of break through. Open to your Divine path and let it carry you forward. You can catch your breath and then push through. We are here assisting you right now as you read this. We are adding flame to your soul, wind to your sails, and passion to your life. You are magic and you can let it spill forward into your world easily and safely. Let us help.

When you feel like all is lost, and you just want to give up, do this: Stop and close your eyes. Breathe deeply. In your mind or aloud say ‘Fairies please bring me a solution. I open to the magic and love that is all around me.’ And then see a flame burning and breathe it in. Let this flame fill you gently, burning away the burdens, stress, and the things that slow you down. Then you will be ready for your next step.

Remember that you chose this life, this path, this planet, and this time so you could be your greatest self and add that brilliance to the whole. We thank you for doing so. We promise miracles in the next few days. Be ready to receive.” – The Fairies

I have added an image of a fire to help with the visualization. I would like to mention that I thought of the energy of a Phoenix with this visualization. Be ready to be burned into rebirth.

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Phoenizx Fire


Ask and You Shall Receive

We humans have trouble asking for help, especially when it is from the invisible. We think we have to struggle and fight for our way through life. Do not forget that the Divine is waiting to assist you always. The Fairies, Angels, Spirits, God, Goddess, and any others you wish to call upon will help you as soon as you ask. I am the worst at this. I will struggle and fight a situation till my husband or a good friend will say something like “What do the Fairies say about this?” or “Have you talked to God yet?” Then I laugh and think “Oh yeah. I know how to do that.” It is so easy to be bought into this 3D reality that we are experiencing and forget that we have magical beings waiting to connect with us.

The other thing I see myself and many others forget is that we do not need to, nor should, figure out the details. When we say “Universe bring me a solution!” you can receive an amazing miracle you never thought possible. When you say “Universe bring me a solution, BUT it can’t come from my Dad because I am not talking to him, and Aunt Suzy has too much already on her plate, and I am always getting help from my friend Pam so I don’t want to bother her….” You are limiting the way and blocking the energy. Also if you get too specific about how you want it you may limit the amazing experience you could have in receiving. Maybe you will have a healing in a relationship you never thought possible.

Of course the most important thing is to trust that the solution is already manifest and you will experience it soon. Surrendering to the now and the Divine and accepting what is has always been my biggest lesson. I am a control FREAK, but I am getting better. So, not only must we have faith that there is something magical willing to help us, BUT we also must trust that it will fulfill our request! That sounds crazy. It is. It also is the only thing I have seen work and has brought me immense peace. Today I tell you this as a little reminder. Let go and let God (or The Fairies or The Angels or whoever). They are assisting you already. It will be easier when you let them.

Photo by Miguel Angel Rodriguez

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The Day the Bees Destroyed Me

Bees are about achieving the impossible. They are one of the most important and sacred creatures on this planet. I recently watched Queen of the Sun a brilliant documentary discussing bees and the current problems of Colony Collapse Disorder. If you have a chance please see this movie. This has prompted me to share my experience with the Bees and some information I have gathered. The bees have been in my life since the day I was born. The small house in the country I was born in had a 4 foot beehive in the wall. Living in a rural area in the San Joaquin Valley in California I interacted with lots of different animals and plants. I think my first of many bee stings came when I was running outside barefoot and stepped on a bee in the lawn. I grew up eating lots of honey; as a condiment or straight. There were even a couple local beekeepers we would get honey from.

Fast forward to Whidbey Island Wa where I currently live. About 5 years ago I was attending an evening at the metaphysical store that I did session at once a week. I don’t even remember what the evening was supposed to be about. We, as a group, were being lead on a meditation with the use of a crystal bowl. As we started our journey inward I was almost instantly picked up by bees and flown to a throne in the middle of a tree. There were tons of bees here of all different sizes some as small as a honey bee others were gigantic 10 foot monsters. The biggest of the 10 foot monsters came behind and sucked all of my blood out of my body. I remember thinking that was a much more spider then bee like thing to do. Two small honeybees landed on the inside of my wrists and stuck their stingers into my veins. They then filled my circulatory system with a honey like substance. Once that was complete the giant bee from behind me stuck a long tongue into the top of my head. Then my brain and skull were filled with another substance. As soon as this was complete a swarm of bees descended upon me and started tearing off my skin and hair, then they stripped away my muscles followed by my organs. Then I was nothing but bones, a brain, and circulatory system. A human size bee stepped forward and said that they had to take my bones too. I told them if they took my bones I would have nothing left. She then walked over and broke edges off of my ribs and said they were too fragile. They have to go and you have to trust. I then agreed and all my bones were removed. So I experienced my self sitting there as a beating honey heart and a honey brain but only for a moment. The bees came in and started to rebuild my skeleton with twigs and sticks. Then my muscles were replaced with leaves that were coated in honey, sap, and nectar. My organs and skin were different flowers and fruit. Soon I was this nature woman sitting on a tree throne surrounded by bees. They then celebrated and I slowly came back to my body in a chair in that meditation knowing nothing of what had been said by the leader of the circle. When I shared this story with a Shaman friend of mine she smiled and let a big sigh. She said “They claimed you. The bees have claimed you. What you are telling me is a shamanic deconstruction. It is one of the most powerful animal spirit experiences you can have. That is it you know. The Bee is now your totem and there is no turning back. How wonderful for you!”

So since then I have been having an even deeper relationship with the bees. I started researching and discovering how they had always been present in my life. I have always understood who they are and respected them. I also started realizing other parts of my path, like Pan and the Fairies, were connected deeply with Bees also. One of the messages they have shared with me that I try to share as much as possible is their definition of pollinating. They say this is not just an act of collecting pollen and spreading the life of flowers. This is an act of maintaining the Earth’s Grid. They hold and help regulate the shifts in the Earth’s vibration. It makes sense that Colony Collapse Disorder would manifest in this time of great shifting on our planet. What better way to get the world’s attention on these sacred workers?

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Do we shine because others see our shine and acknowledge it? Or can we shine when no one else is looking and doing what feels right in our hearts? Are we successful when others honor what we have done? Or are we successful when we feel the rightness of what we have done? Is it the amount of money we have, earn, and spend that shows how valuable we are? Or is it the love we feel in ourselves and see in our life that shows us how much our life is worth? Maybe it’s all of the above.

I find on my path, and other’s, we have a conflict between the spiritual and the material. We fear the physical desires, the ego, and our “broken pieces”. We try to focus solely on our spiritual side, our purity, and stay at peace. This is not realistic. We are human. To judge these things and parts of ourselves as wrong or lesser does nothing but create conflict within. Accept your pettiness, vanity, jealousies, and judgments as part of your divinity. This seems odd, but true. I’m not saying give in to every desire. I’m not saying let your ego run things. I’m saying these parts have purpose.

In my own life I struggle with these greatly, I have surrendered to my self destructive side and experience great ruin in my life multiple times. On the flip side; in denying these parts of myself, I keep myself from being fully empowered. It is in embracing our whole selves that we become our authentic selves. If you are so humble you are unable to recognize your own greatness, then you are not whole. If you long for nothing and have lost your passion, you are not whole. If you are so complacent you can neither give an opinion, nor take action, then you are not whole. To be numb in life is not living life.

We as spiritual beings must find that balance. Find the place in you that is fine shining when others are looking and pointing but also when no one notices. That feels successful by your actions, but will gladly be compensated for them. The place where others can openly share their love for you and honor who you are, but needs no recognition to know how amazing you are.

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How Do You Judge a Fairy?

I posted this blog over a year ago when I first started blogging. Since I have rebooted my blog here and I’m in the process of creating my first video of a clip from a Fairy Channel, I thought it was time for a repost. Enjoy.

I’ve been seeing, talking to, and “working” with the Fairies my whole life. I’ve always been aware of the other realms.  I’ve always just talked to beings. I never thought to label or try to understand them. They were/are just there. This never felt odd or strange to me probably because my family never made me feel odd or strange about it. When I would tell my mother what the Fairies said she would just smile and acknowledge it. I also watched energy in, around, and through people. These were my natural talents. I don’t tell you these because they are extraordinary. They are not. I tell you this so you have a frame of reference for what I say. This is why I trust the Fairies. This is how I know what I know. I didn’t take a class. I wasn’t asleep and then awakened. They were/are just there, like they are for everyone, and I’ve always known it.  This is my truth. This is my understanding from my experiences. If the things I say ring true in your heart then take them. If the things the Fairies say ring true in your heart then take them. I have said for many years, I’m not an authority, I’m just a messenger. Like with any message once you receive it you can do what you want with it.

I feel the Fairies have been misrepresented and misunderstood for a long time. They get categorized as tricksters, looking to kidnap humans or lead them astray. My truth is that they help humans see a wider perspective of our world. If they “trick” you or “lead you astray” it is because they are helping you regain your true path and helping you get out of your head. They would never harm you! Fairies can’t be labeled “good” or “bad”, they do not live in that duality. They tell me they do not like being labeled at all. Their focus is about individuality. Once you get to your authentic self, and fully embody that being that is you, it is then that you know “The One”. The One is their name for God, Higher Power, Spirit, The Universe….. You can call it whatever you want, they call it The One. They are guides for us on our path working with this One energy. There are many guides that you can connect with; Angels, Animal Spirits, Plants, Crystals, Ascended Masters, loved ones who have passed, and I could go on and on. In my opinion there is no hierarchy or better energy to connect with. My main connection is with The Fairies and that is my focus.

Something I have noticed is that people want to write off fairies as fluff, kids stuff, not deep energy, or for people trapped in an illusion. I have a few things to say in response to this. On every path you can go deeper; there is always more to experience and always a new perspective to gain. Everything in this human experience has meaning, value, and a reason. Those who choose the path of duality believe in the hierarchy and that is their path this time around. I also believe, as on every path, there are those who are using the path to escape rather then face their “stuff”, but I think that they always have the option to find their way and eventually will.

I am not here to judge. I wish to help those who want to connect, but are having trouble doing so. Just know that your guides are there with you right now. It doesn’t matter if you know “who they are” or can see or hear them. If you speak they are listening. When you get out of your own way and ask for help, they are there. The biggest issue that I have seen block someone from their guides is trust. Remember trust does not mean everything turns out the way you want it too. Trust means you continue forward knowing that everything is happening for your highest good and you are always safe.

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