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Command Freedom

I look at all the protests happening here in the US and in other countries and think; yes, here it is. This is the shift we all have been talking about. When people come out of denial, stop being pushed around, and command that they be empowered! This is a spiritual uprising. This is a time when every voice is being heard not just by itself but as part of a larger chorus. It is no longer acceptable to be a victim or be victimized. We will not tolerate abuses of power in any form. We will not bow to what was once the status quo. Just because something has been does not mean it should always be. Structures are falling and it might just be time. We have shrunk the world with the internet, and cell phones, and social media. We now see the people of other states, countries, communities, etc. It is no longer some distant place or object that is just an idea fabricated in our mind but living breathing people that you can watch, that share their thoughts in black and white, and connect with us. It is one thing to hear a news story about what happened in Egypt; it is another to hear their thoughts and see their videos. It is time to see the people in the world instead of the countries. It is easy to vilify a group it is harder to vilify a person, especially when you are shown them and their life. It is time to focus with compassion on how to rebuild our world. All the old paradigms are toppling and falling apart. Let’s not try to remold the same structure. Let’s not paint it a different color and call it changed. It’s time to focus on compassion and rebuild from a place of love. What would be the more loving path, choice, and action to take? That is the question we should be asking ourselves.

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