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Welcome to the Apocalypse

The word “apocalypse” does not mean the end of the world. The true definition, from its Greek counterpart, is something that has been hidden being revealed. It means a revelation of truth. We are definitely in those times. Those end times. The times when that which has been hidden is being; revealed, underlined, highlighted and marked with a star. Denial is no longer an option. Some people need to leave this planet or this reality to join with the truth. Some people just need to face it and acknowledge it. It seems to me that the keys to our expansion are being handed to us right now. I had a BIG revelation this last weekend as did several of my friends and family. The ideas, relationships, feelings, etc., that had been the proverbial brick wall that we were banging our heads against suddenly became very clear. Instead of beating our brains against it, we were able to step back and look at clearly, as if for the first time. Sometimes clarity can be like a gentle sigh of relief that allows the ropes tied around you to fall away and at others it is the white hot intensity of a million suns melting away the chains you have bound yourself in. Either way the clarity sets you free. It allows you to see where you have punished yourself, shamed yourself, and blamed yourself (or those around you, or the universe). The clarity can feel like it is about other people, events of the past, or the situation we are in, but it is really about how we have lied to ourselves.

The last three months I had been in what felt like a downward spiral. I had lost confidence in myself and my abilities. I had doubt about what I had been doing or where I was “going” in life. I told my husband that I felt like I had spent the last 20 years building Stonehenge by myself. I had been carrying these huge blocks to the right place, carving them, and shaping them and setting them. People would come by and look in awe and say, “Wow that is really amazing. You are doing something really profound.” and then they walk away. I was thinking why the FUCK am I doing this! Is this really doing anything for anybody? More importantly is this really doing anything for me but causing me pain and wearing me out? We all have these dark moments when we need to question what and why we do what we do. It led me to a big “A Ha!” that was actually a few “aha”s put together.  The core of it is this. We are magic. I am magic. You are magic. We have to face our denial and fears so we can let them go and focus back on the magic of who we are. I kept trying to protect those I love from the world. If you asked me I would tell you that I felt safe and on a certain level that was true. I as a singular person felt safe and trusted the Universe to take care of me. I did not trust that those I love would be safe. Some how they needed me to protect them. How arrogant am I? I was interfering with other people’s paths for what I thought was best for them. I thought that I had to take care of them because I couldn’t trust that they were safe in the world. This includes various family members, friends, my husband, and my children. When I clearly got it I saw why I felt so alone. I had not let others in to help. I also had not given myself the space to fall deeper into my “work” by distracting myself with taking care of everyone else. The reason I was losing confidence was because I let others set my standards of success. Also I had ideas about what results I should be getting or how others should be “healing” from my actions with them and it was not manifesting that way. We manifest from what we need. I needed to see how I was interfering with others’ paths to avoid mine.

As we see all that is being revealed, be it personal or global, I hope your clarity feels more like a sigh of relief and you are able to celebrate your new freedom. For inspiration I suggest listening to “I’m Free” by The Soupdragons.


The Deck That Created Itself OR How I learned to let go and trust the universe

I have been determined to create an oracle deck for ten years now. In fact my first book, The Expanded Gateway: Messages to Expand Your Consciousness, started out that way. It is something that has sat in the back of my mind for ages waiting to be birthed. In September of 2011 I got a very strong message that it was time. I had decided to create professional manuals and have them printed for all of my workshops. In my Fairy Connections Workshop I have the attendees pick a Fairy themed oracle deck, from the pile I own, and practice using these as tools to connect to their own Fairies to get information. I knew that I needed to create my own deck for this exercise that people could take home with them. The Fairies were practically screaming at me that I needed to do this. I actually “tuned in” and went into conversation with them. My downfall is I am stubborn and like to think that I know better about my own life then The Fairies.

I sat them down and told them “I do not have the strength to go through this process again. I do not know where to begin to create the deck and I do not think I could put the time and energy into creating the graphics for each card with everything else on my plate. If you want me to do this deck you better bring me an easy way to make them and an artist willing to be paid later.”

The Fairies simply smiled at me and said “okay”
I then became concerned because I realized that, once again, I had agreed to go kicking and screaming down my path.
Over the next couple months I discovered a POD (Print On Demand) site that was created for making card and board games. Many people had started using it for oracle and tarot decks; so much so that they designed templates specifically for this. Okay the first hurdle cleared. I could make this deck. I was still worried about finding images. The Fairies told me not to worry about that and to start gathering their words for the messages for each card. I asked how they wanted me to do this. Their answer was to scour the daily Fairy Wisdoms I had been posting on Twitter and Facebook for the last couple years and pick the ones that felt right. I thought “Well that will keep me busy for awhile. I guess I don’t need the images yet.”

Then in December my mother had a ThetaHealing Workshop. A woman named Ann who had been a client of my mother’s, and mine, for years had decided to audit the class. At the end of the workshop she gifted small paintings to everyone in the workshop. The day after the workshop I went to my mother’s office and she showed me the painting.

“Ann paints?” I asked
”Well she wants to, but these came from a dear friend of hers who has passed. She had collected like 200 or something before she passed. Ann just loved them.” My mother explained

I instantly got tingly all over. “I think these are the images for my deck!”
I contacted Ann and asked if she would be willing to let me digitize some of the paintings and use them in my deck. She would get a percentage of the profits of course. Ann was overjoyed. She told me that she had prayed for a way to get these images out into the public about the same times I was praying for images. She then told me the story of the artist.

Florence Sibley painted for years. She would channel Archangel Gabriel and paint. Florence was like a sister to Ann. They both were very spiritual and supported each other spiritually. Florence’s passing was a deep sorrow to Ann and she had let the paintings sit for a long time because it was hard for her to think about letting them go or releasing them. Now she knew it was time and wanted to share the beauty that Florence created with the world.

I knew that these were the images I had been looking for so we agreed to meet in January after the holidays. It took multiples meetings with Ann covering her kitchen table and surrounding area with all the different paintings. Some of the paintings were large enough to hang in a gallery and some the size of two postage stamps. All of the paintings had an aspect of nature but I was most drawn to the ones with winged and energy beings in them. I just picked the ones I liked, was drawn to, and/or felt right.

Then came the day I had to start designing the cards. I felt overwhelmed by the amount of images and messages I had. After looking at specifications on the POD site, and conferring with the Fairies, I discovered I needed to make a 71 card deck. I decided to number the messages and then use the image that matched it the best. I was amazed at how well the messages and the images went together. It was like watching long lost puzzle pieces clicking into place. I also was surprised at how tiring the experience was. That was when I realized The Fairies were encoding each card with energy. They gave me techniques to allow this to happen easier and not be so draining on me.

Now I am here. The day I get to start pre-order. I am so excited to share this magical deck with everyone. It has been an amazing experience and I know the journey of this deck has just started.

If you are interesting in pre-ordering the deck please visit here.

Card 21 from The Fairy Wisdom Oracle

The Divine Feminine Dance in the Sky

On June 4th 2012 there will be a partial Lunar Eclipse on the full moon followed by Venus transiting the Sun on June 5th, or 6th depending on where you are in the Time Zones of the world. With such a significant galactic dance, right after the solar eclipse on the last Full moon, I wanted to get another message from the Fairies.

“The focus of this planetary dance is the Divine feminine. Venus and the moon are both energies that influence, effect, and connect Humanity to the Divine Feminine. With these energies coming between the Sun, a masculine energy, and the Earth; it is casting the shadow of the feminine over Humanity. People will find a returning to the maternal. This can manifest in different ways: many will die and choose to return to mother earth, many will re-connect or deepen their relationships with their mothers or maternal figures, and many will heal old maternal wounds. This is a time of nurturing and sensuality. We ask all of you to spend the few days before, during, and after these events taking care of yourself. Explore your senses by creating experiences that feel good, eat food that taste good, look at beauty, listen to beautiful sounds, and actually stop to smell the roses. This is the ending of the gateway time that started around the solar eclipse of last month. Your seeds have been set. Take this ending phase to let go of expectations. The more you can detach from how these seeds will manifest bloom, and bear fruit, the easier it is for us and the Universe to move you through the details. So take this time to relax, reflect, and prepare for your next adventure.”

I then told the Fairies that I knew many people were feeling more stagnant or that things were only slowly crawling forward. “Do you have perspective for those of us that feel like we are not at an end?”

”You need to stop perceiving your life as a to-do list and start seeing the journey and the many phases you have been through. Truly look at what you have done or ‘been through’ the last ten years. Even though at times you feel stuck or stagnant you can look back and see the shifts and the Divine timing of it all.”

I thanked the Fairies and came back to share this with all of you.

Fairies and Aliens

Several years ago I was doing a reading for a client and the Fairy that appeared looked very different then any other fairy I had seen. Its energy was Fairy but also slightly different then what I was use to.

I told him “Sorry but you look almost more like an alien then a Fairy to me.”

He responded, “Do you think we Fairies only work on your planet?”

It was one of those times I realized my own limited thinking and had to expand more. The message for the woman was about her galactic connection.

I have a funny relationship with the whole Alien concept. I am very attracted to it and yet also feel uncomfortable with it. So it is not surprising that the Fairies have come to me and said it is time to embrace and learn about their galactic connection. I am just starting this new leg of discovery but I wanted to share the bits I have gleamed so far. I hope this will help others expand their concept of Fairy and in turn of our universe.

Let’s start at the beginning; the beginning of consciousness. The same Divine spark that ignited your consciousness ignited the consciousness in all the plants, animals, and minerals on earth. It doesn’t stop there. This is the same spark of consciousness that is in every planet, every mineral, every alien being that you can find, as well as the Fairies and the Angels. All of these beings are a part of “the One” (as the Fairies call it). The same Divinity in you is in the entire universe. This spark started life, started consciousness, and continues to do so, and will continue to do so.

The universe is not an accident. Everything is placed where it is for a reason, even if we don’t understand why. When you go out into our solar system the elements exist on every planet in different ways. Again this is not an accident. The Fairies are often referred to as elementals (some say they are different beings, that’s another blog) because they are connected to the elements; not just earth, wind, water, and fire or the Eastern philosophy where you add a few more. They are connected to the entire Periodic table of elements. They are connected to all natural energies. We often think of these energies as being completely Earth based, but they are not. Our natural world is the entire universe we are a part of. The Sun and stars and moon are often seen as a part of our natural world but they do not exist on Earth. This is not really a new concept. We feel the effects of the phases of the moon and its energy. We use astrology to track the stars and planets and the effect they have on us. We have even started tracking solar flares and the effects they have on our planet. The Fairies want us to be aware of our interaction with this nature as well as our forests, beaches, mountains, and deserts here.

There are Fairies that are connected to just our planet and the natural energies here as well as Fairies connected to other planets and the natural energies there. Then of course there Fairies who are not connected to any planet, but we will talk about them at another time. Sometimes there is a need for the planets to connect, the Fairies act as ambassadors, with each other and the beings on those planets. The Fairies see every planet and its inhabitants as a larger family. They often refer to what we call aliens as our “brothers in the sky”. Even if we don’t think of them as family, we could think of them as part of our larger world. The Fairies helping us create a Galactic UN of sorts (Can you tell I was raised on Star Trek?)

As we expand our concepts of ourselves and our reality we need to open to all possibilities. When we embrace all beings on our planet and other planets we allow for more information and opportunities in our reality. I do believe the time is approaching when we will have a more conscious contact with our brothers in the sky. For that to happen we must keep expanding our awareness of them and our connection to them.

Ask Me about the Fairies March Part 2

One of our readers asked:

How are you beautiful beings handling Gaia’s ascension over there on yonder side of the Veil?”

Here is the Fairies answer:

“Remember the veil is a creation of Humanity to know how to shift their focus from their reality to another. What is the most important thing for you to know at this time is that all of us beings are assisting in this ascension; consciously or not. We are as much a part of the ascension as you are. First let us define ascension from our perspective. It is the natural evolution of energy and/or a being into a pure form of itself. This is not a lessening or releasing it is a shift and integration. Think of a frog moving from tadpole to fully formed frog. As a frog moves through its many stages it needs the waters and plants that surround it to help with its process. Likewise the water and plants are shifted by being a part of the process. Gaia, you, and we are all a part of this same ascension. We are enjoying this dance with all of you. We trust that everything is as it should be and know the lightness that is growing within us all. Our suggestions for you are to relax and be aware of your thoughts. The energy you feel and the thoughts you think are rapidly manifesting right. Make sure they are creating the reality you want. Also remember we are here to help whenever you ask.”

Ask Me About The Fairies March 2012

This month I was asked three great questions and I thought I would answer two now and the third in my next blog since the answer is a message from the Fairies.

“I have had some interesting history come up on elves when looking into ancestry and bloodlines. It looks like in the olden days – very olden days – they did refer to families that came from the elf kind. Not the best wording on my part. But, even if the first part of this statement is not relevant, can you explain the difference between elves and fairies?”

When I use the term Fairy I am referring to a certain being type. With the Realm of Fairy there are many beings that have been called many things. Elves are a particular race in the realm of Fairy. Generally they look more Human and are very connected to the Celtic people and land. I find Elves to be very aligned with the arts like music and writing and often help Humans with these type of projects. Also those with Elf blood are more artistically inclined. Their features (Elves and those with Elf blood) can be very elongated and pointed; think tall thin, long arms and legs, as well as pointed chins or ears.

“I met and married a very complex English man who was in a lot of his own pain, but like me, nuclear awareness had taken its toll, and depressed his spirit. He was mentally rather deranged but also a genius with amazing insight and so much I learnt from him. However, he claimed that all spirit life had been “evacuated” from our planet including faeries, elves, goblins, leprechauns, Pan etc. It was 1987. Have you any comments or details to enlighten me?”

From my perspective there has never been a time when they were evacuated or a complete disconnection between the Realms. The Fairies have talked about how our Realms have moved apart and then closer together again. This is not in distance as we see it but more in connection between the two. There have been times when it was harder for them to come here or us to go there. These were times when the mass consciousness of Humanity had been more closed to the idea of magic and magical beings and more focused on Earth Reality (like the industrial revolution has been referenced as one of those times). Even in these times there were people that felt the presence of the Fairy and worked with them. In the last 15 years there has been a “closing of the gap” where it is becoming easier and easier for the two Realms to communicate. More and more people are being tapped to connect or rediscover a natural connection to the Fairy.

I will answer one of your questions each month in my Blog and on Facebook. Please ask your question in the comments below. Also I will be answering more general questions you have about The Fairies not personal questions for you or your connection. If you would like that you can purchase a personal Fairy Message from my website.

Strive to be Worth Knowing

I have been feeling a little defeated the last couple of days. Even though the last few months have been the busiest in years, this week has been/is completely dead. Couple this with my husband’s other business being almost completely dead and you get me in money worry and stress. It never fails. Even though I know I am always supported and provided for, I still worry and stress. Then while on Facebook today I started noticing I was not the only one. Many people I know and think are brilliant or talented or wonderful people were expressing their feelings of defeat, or despair, or apathy. I started wondering if everyone had lost their passion. Was there a cosmic joke being played out for all of us to see? Then I started thinking about my fortune cookie last night. It said “Do not worry about being known, strive to be someone worth knowing.” I think too often we worry about how much money or fame or recognition we are getting as a way of measuring our self-worth or success. When I find myself living in my head and feeling this way I do two things. The first is to make a gratitude list. I list all the things I am grateful for in my life. My wonderful family, healthy kids, and even things like internet connection and heat in my house. No matter what there is plenty to be grateful for in every life. The second is reminding myself I don’t know nor have control over the future. I believe in CO-creation. The CO is an important piece. I can shift my feelings, my thoughts, and my vision, but I have to let God, The Fairies, and any other powers that be do their part. So if you are feeling defeated, lost, or passionless listen to what The Fairies told me. “Life will not always be ideal. There will be times when you feel like none of it is worth it anymore. The magic never leaves you. It sometimes pulls away a bit as it builds and then something amazing will happen. This magic that has been building will create a powerful miracle and you will have clarity for a moment. Then you will know where to step next and things will flow again.” – The Fairies