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Love in the Absence of Love

As I heard the news last night about the death of Osama Bin Laden I became hopeful. I was surprised at how elated I was. Generally any death would not bring me happiness or a sense of peace. I had to check in and understand what this feeling was. As I started reading posts and connecting with others today I saw that many were battling similar feelings. As a spiritual person it is hard to take in joy in an experience of violence and death. Then there are many who feel that this was not a real issue. There are many who feel our government should focus on our other issues at home. Also there are many of my friends and family that believe in every conspiracy theory, and I believe some too, so there is conflict in what they perceive as truth and the reality that they are experiencing. Here is some of what I have become aware of for myself. Osama Bin Laden chose to step into a space to be a representative of certain energy. He became a symbol of Fear for many in our country. He became a symbol of an energy that was fueled by hate and fear all around the world. His death represents a shift in this energy having a place of power in the mass consciousness. So whether he was the one who toppled the Twin Towers or was really killed or killed in the way they say, etc., this event has been an outward manifestation of our mass consciousness, especially the US consciousness, to shift from being victims of fear to feeling empowered and free. We have been a society of victims and been caught in the struggle of fighting to be empowered. The truth is we are always empowered and often are searching to be a victim. Let us take this event as a turning point. This experience is about us standing up in our lives and destroying fear. Finding Fear no matter where it is hiding and saying no more! This is what this event symbolizes for us as a world community. It is time to embrace the paradox of our lives. Sometimes the symbols and signs we are looking for come from places we wish to reject. I asked The Fairies for a quick message about this.

Here is what they said:

This death and violence is no worse then the death and violence that is happening all over your Earth every day, it is just more televised. Humanity is in a place where it can choose to struggle with death and violence in there lives and in themselves OR free themselves from struggle and accept their paradox. They are beings of love caught in the struggle of the absence of love. That is violence. You are seeking love which is what you are and in seeking it you lose parts of yourself. Death is to give up this struggle; to completely surrender. Find the joy in every moment and find the love in yourself.

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