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Occupy Your Power

I have been at a bit of a crossroads with my political activist side. If you are a long time reader you will remember a blog I wrote about spiritual activism. I think there is a way to not be in denial of the powers that are causing oppression in our reality without having to stay in anger and fear. There is a way to be active but from a place of positive focus and empowerment. This is why I have been struggling with the Occupy movement. I believe everything they stand for; taking our power back, not letting the government be run by those with the biggest dollar, shopping local, and demanding that the people who make up society not be overlooked for the dollars that make up society. The issue I am having is the constant anger. The “us versus them”, “we are at war” mentality. I find this in a lot of liberal activist movements and it always bothers me. If you want to be heard, respected, and empowered then you need to act like it. If you act like a beaten dog lashing out then you will be treated that way. I understand that many feel that way. I certainly do at times. I asked the Fairies for a message about this movement and mentality.
“It is like you have a giant spring and there is a slab of rock placed on top. It can be pushed down more and more but eventually the spring will hit its limit and fling the rock way up in the air and away. That is what has happened in society. The people are springing back. It is happening in different ways all over the world. It does not matter if it is a corporation or a dictator you oppose the energy is the same. This is all very good. It is all part of the destruction to make room for the new that we have been talking about. Do not worry if they are coming from a fear place or a victim place. All you can do is not allow yourself to be in fear and play a victim. All you can do is be the one to stand in your power and speak your truth. Play that role for others and they can choose to do the same.”
So I say we start the Occupy Your Power movement. Let me know how you will occupy your power. I will Occupy my power by finishing the many projects I am in the middle of, find local and independent ways to publish, produce, and sell, and keep following my passion of empowering others on their path.


A Talk with Grandmother Spider by Ryan Saenz

I found myself standing by the tree of knowledge on the hill in the meadow of my quiet place. The lush green fields spread down to a tranquil stream that bordered a forest. This is my place. I take in a deep breath when she walked up to me from around the tree. Grandmother Spider smiled softly at me as she approached me in her latest form as a tall slender elderly woman. Her solid black eyes were larger than normal, with eyebrows made of three smaller eyes.

“Why do you fight this change?” She asked, her hands folded calmly together.

“Because I fear the unknown.” I replied.

“But you didn’t fear me when I arrived before you as a giant spider.” A scene of when we first met flashed in my mind.

“That was because we are one. Our essence is the same.”

“If we are one. We are the same essence. You should understand how we are also the divine. We are the both the dream and the dreamer. Connecting and Creating to the whole. The web of abundance is also the web of the divine. The web of the whole.” She brushed her hand through her silky grey hair, looking at the meadow.

“Connection to the whole? If I am connected to the whole, how do I activate it? So that I may accept and know what it offers?” I said in a mixture of confusion and frustration.

“You see connection and activation as separate my child.” She stretched out her hand and touched my cheek gently, “Only ask. Send out the vibrations of hope, love, and faith. We will answer your request and prayers. Ask, know, and feel. It will come.”

Grandmother Spider offered her hand to me, as I took it, she pulled me gently down as she continued to speak, “So many times I speak to you and others, so often how it falls on deaf ears. First we must quiet your mind, and reconnect you to the world around you. Sit.”

I sat next to her, feeling the cool grass beneath me.

“Look around your, see the clouds, feel the breeze? Place your palm on the earth, and close your eyes. Feel the pulse of the ground as you touch it. Like the strings of a musical instrument, so are the vibrations of the earth, this is the web I speak of.” She gestures out to the field, “This is what you connect to when you need to ask us.”

Placing my hand on the floor of the earth, I feel a rhythmic pulse. A vibration like a hand on a drum head as it is struck steadily. Soon the blades of grass start tickling my hand as they vibrate, and soon I can feel the world around.“Feel the ripple of energy and follow it. Feel it pulse not just away to everything but through you, know and feel how it is a part of you as you are a part of it. Things are changing, as they always are. The world is constantly in motion to this rhythm you feel beneath your hands and in your body. Currently there are big motions set in place. The people of the world want to move this world’s vibration into one of better harmony, or a different frequency, we’re not just talking a simple perspective shift, but a total paradigm change. We are moving and preparing for the third great change. People need to know that this shift is working. That we are moving from a place of fear and pain, to a place of unity and love. In America you are seeing it as the Occupy movement. One voice becomes a hundred. One ideal becomes a movement. This is the change that is being evoked in our hearts. We as a whole are ready to start moving to love. This change is happening elsewhere in different ways, and different levels. All over the world people are starting to say, we are one. We are all connected, we are the whole.”

Looking up as she is talking, I see the sky light up with thousands of stars separated at first. As she continued to talk they split, one becoming two then 4 then more and more, until eventually the sky is filled with millions of tiny balls of light. They almost made the sky look like a white screen of light. One of the lights flew toward me, and as it got closer I realize it was a glowing dragonfly. It looks at me and says

“Remember me. I am the beacon of light. I am what we need in everyone, but only need for one to embrace me. Light up and they will follow. Connect to the whole.”