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A Great Reminder

2012 has been intense for me personally and I know I am not the only one who is feeling it. Recently I had a session with a good friend and great healer/channeler Robin Linke of Balanced Healing Arts. She reminded me of something the Fairies have told me many times. When we are in stress, fear, and anxiety we are out of alignment. She then went on to give me an exercise that helped me shift. I have been doing this often everyday since our session. I have found even though I will shift a negative thought to a positive or stop a negative thought I still hold the feeling. I did not realize how often I was sitting in stress and fear on a regular basis even though I had mentally shifted. I wanted to share this technique with all of you so that you might find relief from some of the stress.
First you need to identify a feeling of being in alignment. For me it was feeling my purpose here on the Earth. Even if all you can connect with is how it feels to hug a good friend, or pet your cat, that is fine. You are looking for a feeling of peace that is easy to access. Whenever you start feeling the fear, or stress, or anxiety, you need to first stop the thought. Do not let your mind create those situations. Next bring yourself into that feeling of alignment and allow the energy to dissipate. This is important. You do not want to suppress the feeling. You want the Divine alignment energy to dissolve the feeling. Hold your focus there as long as you need to. I sometimes start this process and then check back in with my feelings and see how it has shifted a bit later. That is it. We simply have to remind ourselves to connect to the Divine on a regular basis. I hope that this will help bring in some peace for many of you. Once we are in alignment it is much easier to flow with our day moment to moment.