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This is a Divine Experience

        In December of of 2012 my grandfather went into the hospital and it did not appear he was going to get out. On Christmas day my 4 year old went head first into the corner of a table and had to be rushed to the ER for 8 stitches. After a lot of back and forth my grandfather died in April. This event had me return to my home town which I had not been to in almost 20 years and be my true self for all of them to see. Then, just as I thought I had found my footing, two weeks ago I felt the rug being pulled out from under me again. My mother; who is in her late fifties, an amazing lightworker, intuitive, and what seemed good health, was rushed to the hospital and nearly died twice while she was there. After 10 days in the hospital and a few days home she is what I would call stable. In all of these events I have chosen to work less and added more strain to the already tight financial situation of my family. I don’t tell you all of this to gain pity or ask for help. I want you to have a clear perspective for what I am about to tell you.
        We are all Divine. Everyone of us. We chose to be here and be Human in this timeline and in this life. It does not matter how talented of an energy worker you are, or how intuitive you are, or if you can talk to the beautiful beings that assist us. You will not be excused from challenges and opportunities for growth. You are still a part of the Human experience. Walking a spiritual path is not a promise of absolute bliss. It is merely a promise that you will have the tools to handle the opportunities when they present themselves. This year has been full of amazing opportunities for me to let go of control, surrender, accept, and trust. These are often my lesson. We are Humans. This means we will have vices to struggle with, physical challenges to face, and overwhelming emotions at times. All these moments give us a choice to be in fear or be in love. There is no wrong choice; just different experiences.
          We can talk about the astrological portals we have been in, or the universal energy we are moving through, but no matter what it is I see many struggling right now. So I want to say to you it is okay. It is just life. You do not need to be perfect or have the answers. You are still a Divine spark on this planet. Whatever is happening in your life right at this moment is Divine and moving you into a greater understanding of yourself, your path, and your life. Please be kind to yourself. Forgive yourself and others for any actions of fear and hurt. Then take all this wisdom you have gained to make your next step. Even if you don’t know what it is. Open to the Universe and trust where it is taking you. It will exceed your expectations. I know there are moments when it feels scary. You may feel like you have no power in your life and you are a victim to circumstance or others. You have the power of choice. In this moment choose to align with the Divine and be guided. Choose to expand your heart till you can see every situation with love. Choose to surrender to the path you have already chosen even if it doesn’t look the way you thought it would. The Fairies are with you cheering you on, and so am I.