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Strive to be Worth Knowing

I have been feeling a little defeated the last couple of days. Even though the last few months have been the busiest in years, this week has been/is completely dead. Couple this with my husband’s other business being almost completely dead and you get me in money worry and stress. It never fails. Even though I know I am always supported and provided for, I still worry and stress. Then while on Facebook today I started noticing I was not the only one. Many people I know and think are brilliant or talented or wonderful people were expressing their feelings of defeat, or despair, or apathy. I started wondering if everyone had lost their passion. Was there a cosmic joke being played out for all of us to see? Then I started thinking about my fortune cookie last night. It said “Do not worry about being known, strive to be someone worth knowing.” I think too often we worry about how much money or fame or recognition we are getting as a way of measuring our self-worth or success. When I find myself living in my head and feeling this way I do two things. The first is to make a gratitude list. I list all the things I am grateful for in my life. My wonderful family, healthy kids, and even things like internet connection and heat in my house. No matter what there is plenty to be grateful for in every life. The second is reminding myself I don’t know nor have control over the future. I believe in CO-creation. The CO is an important piece. I can shift my feelings, my thoughts, and my vision, but I have to let God, The Fairies, and any other powers that be do their part. So if you are feeling defeated, lost, or passionless listen to what The Fairies told me. “Life will not always be ideal. There will be times when you feel like none of it is worth it anymore. The magic never leaves you. It sometimes pulls away a bit as it builds and then something amazing will happen. This magic that has been building will create a powerful miracle and you will have clarity for a moment. Then you will know where to step next and things will flow again.” – The Fairies


You’ve Got Your Health

“Health is not the managing of disease but the experience of ease in life.” – The Fairies

I believe our society has been defining, redefining, and manipulating the concept of health. Health has become one of two things; the absence and repression of symptoms of illness or the management of symptoms of illness. Why is it considered healthy to be on multiple medications to feel “well”? There are many people who may not have physical symptoms but live a life full of stress, fatigue, worry, and fear. Do you think that is healthy? The thing I find the most disturbing is an ingrained belief in our society that someone who takes care of their physical, emotional, and/or mental self is being selfish and irresponsible. That someone who chooses to sleep over doing “that chore”, have a true day of rest, or call in sick should instead push through with medication, if necessary, and be “productive”. I know there are people who use illness and self care as an excuse to escape life and responsibility. I don’t advocate this and it is different then what I am talking about. What if you gave yourself a day a week of rest? What if you did it once a month?

We have become a society that pushes ourselves to accomplish more and more so we end up with a hollow feeling of success. We pack our day full of errands, meetings, events, and work so there is no time to spend with those we love, prepare real healthy foods and eat them, or time to just relax and feel ourselves. When you take a moment to feel yourself you know what your true needs are. Feeling yourself is the best way to get in tune with the Divine that lives within. This is the base of yoga, meditation, and most healing techniques. You cannot be your “best” if you don’t even know yourself. This is another step in being seen. When you are healthy and in alignment then others will see it. If you are hiding from yourself then you are hiding from everyone else.

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Do we shine because others see our shine and acknowledge it? Or can we shine when no one else is looking and doing what feels right in our hearts? Are we successful when others honor what we have done? Or are we successful when we feel the rightness of what we have done? Is it the amount of money we have, earn, and spend that shows how valuable we are? Or is it the love we feel in ourselves and see in our life that shows us how much our life is worth? Maybe it’s all of the above.

I find on my path, and other’s, we have a conflict between the spiritual and the material. We fear the physical desires, the ego, and our “broken pieces”. We try to focus solely on our spiritual side, our purity, and stay at peace. This is not realistic. We are human. To judge these things and parts of ourselves as wrong or lesser does nothing but create conflict within. Accept your pettiness, vanity, jealousies, and judgments as part of your divinity. This seems odd, but true. I’m not saying give in to every desire. I’m not saying let your ego run things. I’m saying these parts have purpose.

In my own life I struggle with these greatly, I have surrendered to my self destructive side and experience great ruin in my life multiple times. On the flip side; in denying these parts of myself, I keep myself from being fully empowered. It is in embracing our whole selves that we become our authentic selves. If you are so humble you are unable to recognize your own greatness, then you are not whole. If you long for nothing and have lost your passion, you are not whole. If you are so complacent you can neither give an opinion, nor take action, then you are not whole. To be numb in life is not living life.

We as spiritual beings must find that balance. Find the place in you that is fine shining when others are looking and pointing but also when no one notices. That feels successful by your actions, but will gladly be compensated for them. The place where others can openly share their love for you and honor who you are, but needs no recognition to know how amazing you are.

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How Do You Judge a Fairy?

I posted this blog over a year ago when I first started blogging. Since I have rebooted my blog here and I’m in the process of creating my first video of a clip from a Fairy Channel, I thought it was time for a repost. Enjoy.

I’ve been seeing, talking to, and “working” with the Fairies my whole life. I’ve always been aware of the other realms.  I’ve always just talked to beings. I never thought to label or try to understand them. They were/are just there. This never felt odd or strange to me probably because my family never made me feel odd or strange about it. When I would tell my mother what the Fairies said she would just smile and acknowledge it. I also watched energy in, around, and through people. These were my natural talents. I don’t tell you these because they are extraordinary. They are not. I tell you this so you have a frame of reference for what I say. This is why I trust the Fairies. This is how I know what I know. I didn’t take a class. I wasn’t asleep and then awakened. They were/are just there, like they are for everyone, and I’ve always known it.  This is my truth. This is my understanding from my experiences. If the things I say ring true in your heart then take them. If the things the Fairies say ring true in your heart then take them. I have said for many years, I’m not an authority, I’m just a messenger. Like with any message once you receive it you can do what you want with it.

I feel the Fairies have been misrepresented and misunderstood for a long time. They get categorized as tricksters, looking to kidnap humans or lead them astray. My truth is that they help humans see a wider perspective of our world. If they “trick” you or “lead you astray” it is because they are helping you regain your true path and helping you get out of your head. They would never harm you! Fairies can’t be labeled “good” or “bad”, they do not live in that duality. They tell me they do not like being labeled at all. Their focus is about individuality. Once you get to your authentic self, and fully embody that being that is you, it is then that you know “The One”. The One is their name for God, Higher Power, Spirit, The Universe….. You can call it whatever you want, they call it The One. They are guides for us on our path working with this One energy. There are many guides that you can connect with; Angels, Animal Spirits, Plants, Crystals, Ascended Masters, loved ones who have passed, and I could go on and on. In my opinion there is no hierarchy or better energy to connect with. My main connection is with The Fairies and that is my focus.

Something I have noticed is that people want to write off fairies as fluff, kids stuff, not deep energy, or for people trapped in an illusion. I have a few things to say in response to this. On every path you can go deeper; there is always more to experience and always a new perspective to gain. Everything in this human experience has meaning, value, and a reason. Those who choose the path of duality believe in the hierarchy and that is their path this time around. I also believe, as on every path, there are those who are using the path to escape rather then face their “stuff”, but I think that they always have the option to find their way and eventually will.

I am not here to judge. I wish to help those who want to connect, but are having trouble doing so. Just know that your guides are there with you right now. It doesn’t matter if you know “who they are” or can see or hear them. If you speak they are listening. When you get out of your own way and ask for help, they are there. The biggest issue that I have seen block someone from their guides is trust. Remember trust does not mean everything turns out the way you want it too. Trust means you continue forward knowing that everything is happening for your highest good and you are always safe.

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