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A message for the Equinox from the Leprechauns

In honor of the Spring equinox and St. Patrick’s Day I thought I would get a message from the Leprechauns. They wished to share a few thoughts on money, natural balance, and Spring. When I went in there was a whole group of Leprechauns sitting on toadstools in a Fairy circle. Both men and women were there, some puffing on pipes and some nibbling on cakes. It reminded me of stumbling into a meeting of a special association like a Rotary Club. They were obviously familiar with each other but also were there with a specific agenda. That agenda was to talk to me and all of you.

“We would like to share a new perspective of the balance of nature. When you see animals in the food chain Humanity refers to them as hunter and prey. There seems to be a concept of an animal that is filled with hunger and pushed into a frenzy of killing till it is satiated. We have also heard it explained as a calculating killer that is able to take down an opponent no matter how hard it tries to escape. Yes there is a conflict of life and death and struggle between animals but Humanity is interpreting these actions through their own perspective. This dance that the animal kingdom has engaged in is that of an intense tango. There is always an agreement between the animals. They understand the cycle of life and nature and accept their part in that flow. Even if it is rabbit against clover, the agreement has been made and energies exchanged accordingly. Humans have taken themselves out of this flow and exchange. Then you recreated it with money. Now that has become unbalanced too. We are not just discussing the ideas of greed and corruption that are so prevalent in your media right now. We are also talking about the idea that you are somehow not a part of the flow. We are talking about how you forget about the agreement and exchange. You are as much a part of the flow of money as anyone else. You are just as much a part of the exchange as anyone else. This means you receive and give. You must do both. Money can be held as an abstract concept and you can let go of it. It also can be held as a part of your nature. It is made from paper and metals and, even in electronic form, is energy. You can choose to be a part of the flow, of its natural circulation. A lot of you struggle in a space where you long for it and resist it at the same time. Relax into the concept of money as if it is the same as flowers that grow naturally all around you. You do not own those flowers but you can pick them. You can enjoy them from a distance and you are a part of their eco system no matter how much interaction you choose to have. Humanity is moving past these concepts of greed and ownership. You are opening to an expanded understanding of being a part of a greater whole. As part of that greater whole you will experience what seems chaotic but what is really nature rebalancing itself. The equinoxes are about balance. These are the days that are in perfect balance of light and dark. For those of you experiencing Spring it is the time of rebirth; a time when nature replenishes what it lost in the winter. This is a time to gain a fresh outlook on the world and allow it to warm and come into balance.” ~ The Leprechauns

Used with permission from Coriander Shae Detwiler