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Make a Wish

I find that when I go through the layers of my issues and blocks and healing and truth at times I get bogged down in the personal responsibility. I then slip into blame and guilt or even worse control! This last week I have been digging in some old hurt and clearing out some root issues. This is all for the best but I got so bogged down in the blame, guilt, and despair that I made myself physically ill. I’ll spare you the details. What was amazing was the reminder I received last night.

I was lying in bed trying to get to sleep but feeling like my body was not going to cooperate. I started my usual Reiki and Theta and other healing energies and modalities to get myself at peace enough to rest. Then The Fairies showed up all giggly. These were small pixie like ones flying around my head.

A blue one flew up to my head, “Why don’t you just wish it away? You make it so complicated. Sometimes you can just let go and ask us to take care of it. What do you wish for?”

I had flashes of the scene in Labyrinth where the Goblins are waiting for her to wish the baby away and instead she makes this long complicated speech.

“I wish my body would be well. I wish that I could relax enough to get decent sleep and wake up feeling better.” I blurted out to them.

“Done. What else do you wish for? We can help with more you know.” She said with a sly smile.

So I went on to start wishing for all the things I want or need in my life. I started having a relief all over my body. I forget how I burden myself with responsibility. It is good to be responsible for yourself but you have to also receive help and love from those around you; seen and unseen.

So make your wish. Turn it over to the powers that be and wait for your miracle.

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