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A Talk with Grandmother Spider by Ryan Saenz

I found myself standing by the tree of knowledge on the hill in the meadow of my quiet place. The lush green fields spread down to a tranquil stream that bordered a forest. This is my place. I take in a deep breath when she walked up to me from around the tree. Grandmother Spider smiled softly at me as she approached me in her latest form as a tall slender elderly woman. Her solid black eyes were larger than normal, with eyebrows made of three smaller eyes.

“Why do you fight this change?” She asked, her hands folded calmly together.

“Because I fear the unknown.” I replied.

“But you didn’t fear me when I arrived before you as a giant spider.” A scene of when we first met flashed in my mind.

“That was because we are one. Our essence is the same.”

“If we are one. We are the same essence. You should understand how we are also the divine. We are the both the dream and the dreamer. Connecting and Creating to the whole. The web of abundance is also the web of the divine. The web of the whole.” She brushed her hand through her silky grey hair, looking at the meadow.

“Connection to the whole? If I am connected to the whole, how do I activate it? So that I may accept and know what it offers?” I said in a mixture of confusion and frustration.

“You see connection and activation as separate my child.” She stretched out her hand and touched my cheek gently, “Only ask. Send out the vibrations of hope, love, and faith. We will answer your request and prayers. Ask, know, and feel. It will come.”

Grandmother Spider offered her hand to me, as I took it, she pulled me gently down as she continued to speak, “So many times I speak to you and others, so often how it falls on deaf ears. First we must quiet your mind, and reconnect you to the world around you. Sit.”

I sat next to her, feeling the cool grass beneath me.

“Look around your, see the clouds, feel the breeze? Place your palm on the earth, and close your eyes. Feel the pulse of the ground as you touch it. Like the strings of a musical instrument, so are the vibrations of the earth, this is the web I speak of.” She gestures out to the field, “This is what you connect to when you need to ask us.”

Placing my hand on the floor of the earth, I feel a rhythmic pulse. A vibration like a hand on a drum head as it is struck steadily. Soon the blades of grass start tickling my hand as they vibrate, and soon I can feel the world around.“Feel the ripple of energy and follow it. Feel it pulse not just away to everything but through you, know and feel how it is a part of you as you are a part of it. Things are changing, as they always are. The world is constantly in motion to this rhythm you feel beneath your hands and in your body. Currently there are big motions set in place. The people of the world want to move this world’s vibration into one of better harmony, or a different frequency, we’re not just talking a simple perspective shift, but a total paradigm change. We are moving and preparing for the third great change. People need to know that this shift is working. That we are moving from a place of fear and pain, to a place of unity and love. In America you are seeing it as the Occupy movement. One voice becomes a hundred. One ideal becomes a movement. This is the change that is being evoked in our hearts. We as a whole are ready to start moving to love. This change is happening elsewhere in different ways, and different levels. All over the world people are starting to say, we are one. We are all connected, we are the whole.”

Looking up as she is talking, I see the sky light up with thousands of stars separated at first. As she continued to talk they split, one becoming two then 4 then more and more, until eventually the sky is filled with millions of tiny balls of light. They almost made the sky look like a white screen of light. One of the lights flew toward me, and as it got closer I realize it was a glowing dragonfly. It looks at me and says

“Remember me. I am the beacon of light. I am what we need in everyone, but only need for one to embrace me. Light up and they will follow. Connect to the whole.”


Love in the Absence of Love

As I heard the news last night about the death of Osama Bin Laden I became hopeful. I was surprised at how elated I was. Generally any death would not bring me happiness or a sense of peace. I had to check in and understand what this feeling was. As I started reading posts and connecting with others today I saw that many were battling similar feelings. As a spiritual person it is hard to take in joy in an experience of violence and death. Then there are many who feel that this was not a real issue. There are many who feel our government should focus on our other issues at home. Also there are many of my friends and family that believe in every conspiracy theory, and I believe some too, so there is conflict in what they perceive as truth and the reality that they are experiencing. Here is some of what I have become aware of for myself. Osama Bin Laden chose to step into a space to be a representative of certain energy. He became a symbol of Fear for many in our country. He became a symbol of an energy that was fueled by hate and fear all around the world. His death represents a shift in this energy having a place of power in the mass consciousness. So whether he was the one who toppled the Twin Towers or was really killed or killed in the way they say, etc., this event has been an outward manifestation of our mass consciousness, especially the US consciousness, to shift from being victims of fear to feeling empowered and free. We have been a society of victims and been caught in the struggle of fighting to be empowered. The truth is we are always empowered and often are searching to be a victim. Let us take this event as a turning point. This experience is about us standing up in our lives and destroying fear. Finding Fear no matter where it is hiding and saying no more! This is what this event symbolizes for us as a world community. It is time to embrace the paradox of our lives. Sometimes the symbols and signs we are looking for come from places we wish to reject. I asked The Fairies for a quick message about this.

Here is what they said:

This death and violence is no worse then the death and violence that is happening all over your Earth every day, it is just more televised. Humanity is in a place where it can choose to struggle with death and violence in there lives and in themselves OR free themselves from struggle and accept their paradox. They are beings of love caught in the struggle of the absence of love. That is violence. You are seeking love which is what you are and in seeking it you lose parts of yourself. Death is to give up this struggle; to completely surrender. Find the joy in every moment and find the love in yourself.

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The Disaster in Japan is a Way to the New World Order

As we take another step in a tumultuous year it leads us to another disaster. I am talking, of course, about the many events in Japan. The Earthquake which led to a very physical shift in the Earth’s structure, followed by Tsunami, followed by volcanic eruption, followed by a problematic nuclear reactor seems almost more like a bad story plot for an action movie then a real life occurrence. Yet here we are watching live on TV, Youtube, Twitter, and any other way we communicate these days, the events unfold. Many I talk to feel informed and yet powerless to help. We see this happening and our hearts break for those going through this but many are not in a position to financially or physically do anything. So I did what I know I can do. I got a perspective from the Fairies about the situation and advice on where we can focus our thoughts and our energy.

I am instantly met with thunderous laughter. There is a crowd of Fairies all around.

“We keep telling you that you are in a time of great shifting. That there will be chaos and intense times and yet you are surprised at every event that is happening. Do you get it now? This is the time of great shifting!! Chaos will be prevalent on the Earth!”

I am little taken a back by their attitude, “But many are experiencing great fear, pain and sorrow. It is hard for us humans to hold the larger perspective when facing such devastating events. Can you help with ideas on how to focus our energy or shift our thoughts and perspective?”

I see a gentle, wizened grandmother type gnome’s face, full of compassion, as she steps out of the crowd. She has a sweet smile. “It is like you are all children. You are experiencing something beyond your comprehension and control and this leads to the fear and pain. Yes, these events can feel horrific, but they are greatly needed to release all this old junk that it is in the way for your new. It is time for a new approach to these ‘disasters’ you experience. You can lend aid, but stop trying to save others. It is like you are running around trying to put out fire after fire but never stopping the cause. Do not ask ‘how can we fix it?’ but instead ask ‘what can we replace that with?’ The reason these events happened in Japan is because they are the most innovative in their approach to replacing things. This ‘disaster’ will lead humanity into a completely new way of living. Humanity needed this to happen in the place it happened to completely rethink how you experience your planet and how you live on and interact with it. Japan is a bridge between the East and the West and will bring both cultures into the process.”

Next a tall slender Blue Fairy steps forward. He is dressed like a great pianist about to play in the finest concert hall, but all in blue. “It is time to get into your fear. Where are you still unsafe? These are the places you are not making authentic choices. These are the places you are not listening to your heart, or intuition. It is time to start shifting your own life, before you are too deep in the chaos. The old ways of navigating your reality are no longer smooth, easy, or the way to do it. Find your way in your world instead of trying to fix the old world of someone else and trying to make yourself fit in it. Life begins again each day. Meet it with a fresh perspective and an open mind and heart.”

A yellow pixie flies up to my face and is almost standing on my nose. She says, “You can either look at the chaos and destruction and think, ‘oh no what will we do, how horrible!’ or you can think, ‘Wow what an amazing clearing of old. Now we have the space to create what we have been blocked on. Now we as a global community can start anew.’ It is all about your focus.”

A large regal Fairy appears before me and seems to command the very air we are breathing. “Do not think we are making light of a serious situation. We are showing you the silver lining. Open to the positive to clear away your tears. See the light in what feels like dark times. This will help you shift gently. This will heal that which was already wounded and has now surfaced to be cleared.”

I thank the group for their wisdom and “come back”.

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Command Freedom

I look at all the protests happening here in the US and in other countries and think; yes, here it is. This is the shift we all have been talking about. When people come out of denial, stop being pushed around, and command that they be empowered! This is a spiritual uprising. This is a time when every voice is being heard not just by itself but as part of a larger chorus. It is no longer acceptable to be a victim or be victimized. We will not tolerate abuses of power in any form. We will not bow to what was once the status quo. Just because something has been does not mean it should always be. Structures are falling and it might just be time. We have shrunk the world with the internet, and cell phones, and social media. We now see the people of other states, countries, communities, etc. It is no longer some distant place or object that is just an idea fabricated in our mind but living breathing people that you can watch, that share their thoughts in black and white, and connect with us. It is one thing to hear a news story about what happened in Egypt; it is another to hear their thoughts and see their videos. It is time to see the people in the world instead of the countries. It is easy to vilify a group it is harder to vilify a person, especially when you are shown them and their life. It is time to focus with compassion on how to rebuild our world. All the old paradigms are toppling and falling apart. Let’s not try to remold the same structure. Let’s not paint it a different color and call it changed. It’s time to focus on compassion and rebuild from a place of love. What would be the more loving path, choice, and action to take? That is the question we should be asking ourselves.

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