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The Shootings

After the shootings in Connecticut, here in the U.S., I had many people ask me for a message from the Fairies to help gain some perspective and lift them out of their grief. I was having trouble doing it yesterday and I figured out why this morning. I needed to share a perspective I have gained from working with the Fairies about the violence in our society. Already people are calling for stricter gun control laws or blaming violence in the media. We are a violent society and I don’t believe that comes from the media or our weapons. To me that is like saying sadness comes from crying too much. The violent acts we see, feel, and experience are a reaction not a cause. We were incredibly violent for many years in this country before media. We fought wars, beat slaves, and experienced rape before there was even a radio. Plus the weapons were our inventions and they were not created without a purpose. We are not naturally violent but it is a natural reaction to oppression. When a wild animal is caged it lashes out. We are in a society that is very oppressive. It was incredibly oppressive and we were incredibly violent. Our society is becoming less and less violent as people become freer to pursue the lives, spirituality, and relationships that they want. This has been changing over time all over the world. In some countries there is more violent acts on a regular basis, then here in the U.S. and I would argue that those people are under a more oppressive government or religious rule. We have been seeing a lot of these types of governments tumbling down in the last few years and that is because it is time for Humanity to be free. We are in a time of chaos, shifting, and intense energies. This shift is not that we will all be love and light and happy all the time. This shift is about we as a society choosing; love over fear, compassion over hate, and conscious living over unconscious living. Why did this tragedy happen? It could be that it will put a spotlight on the untreated people walking around with wounded hearts and minds. It could be that it is time for us to revisit laws on our guns. It could be that these beings that passed needed to do their work on the other side. I don’t know and probably never will. We need to stop asking why and instead ask how we are going to react to it. I asked the Fairies for a message too. Here is what they had to say:
“This event has triggered in many of you grief, sadness, anger, and the feeling of powerlessness. We say trigger and not caused because those feelings were in you already. These feelings were in the mass consciousness of Humanity already. You do not need to figure out why the feelings were there just acknowledge them, feel them, and release them. These acts of violence that are occurring and will continue to occur all over your world and your reality are catalysts for these feelings to be released. It is like a wave that travels across the globe peaking high in certain spots and certain times. The US needed this catalyst to release and open to more compassion. There are no villains or evil doers to fight. There is just fear and wounds of the heart that can be dissolved with love and compassion. Take this time to reflect on where you still feel hurt and love that part of yourself. Look for those around you that are having trouble and love them in what ever seems the healthiest way. Mostly this is a reminder to focus love on the children in your life. Children hold the keys to joy, wonder, and love. Help them remember that, honor them, and give them the space to shine.” ~ The Fairies.


A Little Reminder

Many people start a powerful spiritual path with the idea that everything is now going to be pleasant. That because you are co-creating with God, talking to your guides, choosing the deeper spiritual way that it is smooth sailing from here on out. That the Fairies are going to magic away all of your problems. Then when things aren’t that way they feel like something is going wrong. The path is different for everyone but it seems that everyone has their moments of struggle, of feeling lost, and of doubt. One night when pondering this I wrote the following:


I stumble on this path I walk.

Feeling frustrated, broke, lost alone, and tricked again.

I know there is a plan. I created it so long ago,

That I can’t remember the purpose my friend and I had.

I smile at the thought of the moment when it reveals itself like a sudden crash.

It is the bolt of light that illuminates all for an instant.

I have had those blinding moments before.

They are what keep me chasing this storm;

This storm that shakes the old foundations.

This storm that pours refreshing waters almost painfully down on all.

When I feel like it is too hard, wet, and dark; I hear that rumble.

I feel it in my toes and I know the flash is coming.

Then that blinding light hits my soul.

I burst with laughter, reminded of the beauty, and feeling the love for all.

Including the stumbling, broke, lost, and bitter person I am at times.


I tell you this to give you hope. If you have times that you want to give up. If you think you have lost faith or don’t believe anymore. It’s okay and it’s normal. Let yourself feel these feelings. It means you are getting to the bottom of your resistance. It means you are close to another break through and you need to get broken down to surrender. Just know that you will then have an amazing experience very soon that will confirm everything for you. We are human beings with lots of feelings. These feelings help us navigate our paths.

The concept of a spiritual path is one that I think gets taken too literally. This is not a path from point A to point B. It is a way to experience life. We are not going anywhere on our spiritual paths. There is nothing to obtain. It seems to me that many keep looking for where “the path” is taking them. It’s like they are expecting some pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. The path is about stability. A spiritual path, no matter what it is, is the support you turn to, the beliefs that create your life, the magic you can connect with to remind you of the larger whole, and where you receive your guidance day to day. It is about moving through your experiences with grace not achieving something. It is about moving through your emotions to feel with clarity. Stop looking for happiness, success, and love. Stop looking for the new instructions to “lead you in the right direction”. Just be happy. Just be a success. Just be love. Stop “following a spiritual path” and instead feel, hear, see, taste, smell, and be your path.


We are in the midst of earthquakes, hurricanes, political questions, financial struggles, and relationships shifting. It is enough to make someone yell WTF?! Many have been talking about this being an opportunity for us to shift from fear to love. That we need to put our focus on love and let go of fear. This is easier said then done. I wanted to help all of you get a larger perspective of what is happening, get a message from the Fairies, and give you a simple exercise to help you keep your center. I was hoping to this in the form of the video but, as I will explain, things are not going smoothly right now and it has to be in blog form.

We are currently heading toward Halloween, Dia de los Muertos, All Saints Day, or Samhain. No matter what you wish to call this magical time of year, it is when they say the veil is the thinnest. What does that mean? Well, it means that it is easier for us to communicate and experience beings in other realms of existence. These could be Ghosts, Ancestor Spirits, Angels, ETs, Animal Spirits, Fairies, etc. There is a thinning within us that opens us to the idea of something more then what we experience in our day to day. This is a time when our soul seeks magic. We are also in the year 2012. This is the year when an energy that has been building for a long time is hitting its peak. The peak will be at the end of the year which is almost upon us. I see this energy as a shift in Humanity moving from a fear based reality to a love based reality. So, as we head toward the time of year when our soul longs for magic, and we are in a time when we must face our fear and move through it so we can live from love, we end up with a lot of chaos. What Humanity fears almost more then anything is the feeling of a loss of control. So we experience these many different ways of being out of control. This pushes us into trust and the energy of love.

It is very important for you to know that if you are feeling fear then you are doing everything right. The fear has to come up. It may rise as anger, sadness, anxiety, or depression, as well as feeling scared. It is important to let the feelings rise and release. Do not try to negate them to push you into love. You must move through them into love. Also know that November is going to be one of those portals time. One of those months when we experience a lot of deaths, major changes in jobs, living arrangements, and relationships. It is no accident that the election is in this month. This is also a time when things will not feel like they are going smoothly. Be very careful and clear with your communication. Be very clear on your intents for projects or even just your day. When glitches happen; breathe, stay calm and allow yourself to find the solution or another way to do what you want. Like when none of the cameras in your house work for you to make a video so instead you have to make it a blog.

I asked the Fairies for a message for everyone and this is what they said:

This is the time for Humanity to remember they are magical beings who can create amazing experiences. When you focus on fear and worry you can create that fear and worry ten fold. This is not a bad thing. Humanity needs to face their fears and worries and experience them to realize they are more then these fears and worries. Too often you tell yourself that if X or Y happened then that is it. It would be the end of you, your life, or your existence. But we promise you that when X or Y happens you will rise above it. It will not be the same experience you created in your head. As humanity keeps facing their fears they realize that no matter what happens they will go on. Life will keep evolving and changing as you do. Some events may bring an end to the way you are but if your life changes that dramatically you will see it is for the better. Let these current events strip you down to the beautiful Divine light love core of your being. When you stand in this energy nothing can threaten you, because you know your connection, purpose, and value. We are with you always on this journey. Please ask for our help at any turn.” ~ The Fairies

The Fairies also gave me an exercise to help with this process.

  Get yourself comfortable. Close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths and focus on the light in the center of your being. Watch this light spread through your body filling you up. Now bring forward what ever you are worrying yourself with, afraid of, or stressing about. Experience this as an object in your hands; however it wishes to take form. See how small it is, take some time to look at it, feel it, sense it. Now ask the Fairies to come and take this away from you. Ask them to bring you a solution. Affirm that you are no longer wishing to trouble yourself with it any more. Now bring you focus to the light energy that has filled up your body. Allow this energy to expand out and fill up the room you are sitting in, then the entire building, then the entire city, state, country, world, and keep expanding out until you are connecting with the Sun. Then let it expand bigger. Realize that you can no longer see the room you were in or the problem you held in your hands. Let yourself be in this limitlessness for awhile. Then bring your awareness back to your body knowing you are still connected to that limitless energy.

I hope this helps you expand your consciousness about these events and brings some comfort to you. I send love to each of you and thank you for receiving it.

Blue Moon

I feel like I have lived multiple lifetimes since my last blog in June. The Fairies have assured me that we are experiencing things “sped up” so we are processing, releasing, and experiencing things on a very different level. Welcome to the peak of 2012. Many experienced the intensity of the astrological dance that happened over the last couple months and feel drug behind a bus. The truth is; we all have been stripped of a layer of illusion. Many are finding that they have to let go of relationships that have been key for the last decade or more. Do not feel guilty about this release. You can find the gentlest way possible and allow yourself this freedom. They need this for their path as much as you do. Old family dynamics are shifting. This too is needed. All that you have experienced is what you needed to gain clarity and shift out of the limiting illusions that you have been living under. We have all had a level of self oppression that has been lifted in some way. I asked the Fairies to give me a message about this and the upcoming Blue Moon. The Fairy of the Blue Moon stepped forward and gave me this message:

“Humanity is preparing for a massive shift of consciousness. This last decade has been a slow turning of the wheel that gradually gained speed with every turn. You are now going at a very fast pace. It is time for you to surrender to the flow but consciously move with it. Do not allow yourself to just be pulled along or to resist it. You must speak your truth and be clear about the experience you wish to create. Then detach from the details of how. Then detach from what form you believe it should manifest in. Then detach from your ego’s idea that it has any control over your path. Accept that not everyone you have known and cared for will be joining you on this ride. Accept that the world is in the midst of huge change which means you are experiencing the chaos of the shift. Accept that no matter what you perceive and judge is happening; it is all Divine, and perfect, and part of your highest good, and the experience that will bring you a step closer to your next goal. You are being handed the sword of your power to wield. It is your choice to grasp it. It is your choice to use it. It is your choice to align with the light of the One and your Authentic self. Otherwise you continue to create struggle by denying yourself. The easiest and softest way is to stop pretending that you can contain the limitless magical being that is you in your limited physical reality and form. This Blue Moon is the perfect opportunity to experience your limitlessness, your full consciousness, and your complete Divine beauty. Open to this amazing light and experience you. No matter what you do or experience or create, there will be a shift. This moon brings clarity for all.”

A message about the fires in Colorado

I was recently in Colorado while wild fires were growing across the state. I have met many who are affected by the damage these fires are causing. Story after story is being posted about towns being evacuated and families losing their homes and all their belongings. It was brought to my attention that I needed to get a message from the Fairies about this situation. Afterward I realized that their message pertained to the proverbial fires burning in our lives. I feel that many of us have been experiencing our own trial by fire. It is important to remember that fire is a transformative energy. There are times when we need the intensity of fire to clear away the old and allow us to move forward. Let yourself experience you own Phoenix shift. Remember that this includes time to grieve the loss of that which has past, and rest before you take flight. Here is the message from the Phoenix Fairy.

“The Phoenix dance can be difficult for Humanity. A raging fire is not out of control, just out of your control. The Phoenix dance is one of change and surrender. You must accept the powers that are greater then your consciousness, are doing what is for the highest and best, and trust you are being moved to a better situation, because you were a part of this decision too. Transition can feel chaotic and wrong but it is just the time between. You were settled into an old way and you will settle into a new way but in the transition you cannot settle. This clearing of the old will not last forever. Trust in the Divine timing of it all. For those in Colorado, remember that this is a co-creation. The Earth, the land, the plants, the animals (including Humans) were all involved with this creation. There are many beings, from Fairy and other Realms, helping with this transition. Call on them to help with your needs and ask for guidance.” ~ The Phoenix Fairy

If you wish to help those who have been displaced I have been given this link:

The Deck That Created Itself OR How I learned to let go and trust the universe

I have been determined to create an oracle deck for ten years now. In fact my first book, The Expanded Gateway: Messages to Expand Your Consciousness, started out that way. It is something that has sat in the back of my mind for ages waiting to be birthed. In September of 2011 I got a very strong message that it was time. I had decided to create professional manuals and have them printed for all of my workshops. In my Fairy Connections Workshop I have the attendees pick a Fairy themed oracle deck, from the pile I own, and practice using these as tools to connect to their own Fairies to get information. I knew that I needed to create my own deck for this exercise that people could take home with them. The Fairies were practically screaming at me that I needed to do this. I actually “tuned in” and went into conversation with them. My downfall is I am stubborn and like to think that I know better about my own life then The Fairies.

I sat them down and told them “I do not have the strength to go through this process again. I do not know where to begin to create the deck and I do not think I could put the time and energy into creating the graphics for each card with everything else on my plate. If you want me to do this deck you better bring me an easy way to make them and an artist willing to be paid later.”

The Fairies simply smiled at me and said “okay”
I then became concerned because I realized that, once again, I had agreed to go kicking and screaming down my path.
Over the next couple months I discovered a POD (Print On Demand) site that was created for making card and board games. Many people had started using it for oracle and tarot decks; so much so that they designed templates specifically for this. Okay the first hurdle cleared. I could make this deck. I was still worried about finding images. The Fairies told me not to worry about that and to start gathering their words for the messages for each card. I asked how they wanted me to do this. Their answer was to scour the daily Fairy Wisdoms I had been posting on Twitter and Facebook for the last couple years and pick the ones that felt right. I thought “Well that will keep me busy for awhile. I guess I don’t need the images yet.”

Then in December my mother had a ThetaHealing Workshop. A woman named Ann who had been a client of my mother’s, and mine, for years had decided to audit the class. At the end of the workshop she gifted small paintings to everyone in the workshop. The day after the workshop I went to my mother’s office and she showed me the painting.

“Ann paints?” I asked
”Well she wants to, but these came from a dear friend of hers who has passed. She had collected like 200 or something before she passed. Ann just loved them.” My mother explained

I instantly got tingly all over. “I think these are the images for my deck!”
I contacted Ann and asked if she would be willing to let me digitize some of the paintings and use them in my deck. She would get a percentage of the profits of course. Ann was overjoyed. She told me that she had prayed for a way to get these images out into the public about the same times I was praying for images. She then told me the story of the artist.

Florence Sibley painted for years. She would channel Archangel Gabriel and paint. Florence was like a sister to Ann. They both were very spiritual and supported each other spiritually. Florence’s passing was a deep sorrow to Ann and she had let the paintings sit for a long time because it was hard for her to think about letting them go or releasing them. Now she knew it was time and wanted to share the beauty that Florence created with the world.

I knew that these were the images I had been looking for so we agreed to meet in January after the holidays. It took multiples meetings with Ann covering her kitchen table and surrounding area with all the different paintings. Some of the paintings were large enough to hang in a gallery and some the size of two postage stamps. All of the paintings had an aspect of nature but I was most drawn to the ones with winged and energy beings in them. I just picked the ones I liked, was drawn to, and/or felt right.

Then came the day I had to start designing the cards. I felt overwhelmed by the amount of images and messages I had. After looking at specifications on the POD site, and conferring with the Fairies, I discovered I needed to make a 71 card deck. I decided to number the messages and then use the image that matched it the best. I was amazed at how well the messages and the images went together. It was like watching long lost puzzle pieces clicking into place. I also was surprised at how tiring the experience was. That was when I realized The Fairies were encoding each card with energy. They gave me techniques to allow this to happen easier and not be so draining on me.

Now I am here. The day I get to start pre-order. I am so excited to share this magical deck with everyone. It has been an amazing experience and I know the journey of this deck has just started.

If you are interesting in pre-ordering the deck please visit here.

Card 21 from The Fairy Wisdom Oracle

The Divine Feminine Dance in the Sky

On June 4th 2012 there will be a partial Lunar Eclipse on the full moon followed by Venus transiting the Sun on June 5th, or 6th depending on where you are in the Time Zones of the world. With such a significant galactic dance, right after the solar eclipse on the last Full moon, I wanted to get another message from the Fairies.

“The focus of this planetary dance is the Divine feminine. Venus and the moon are both energies that influence, effect, and connect Humanity to the Divine Feminine. With these energies coming between the Sun, a masculine energy, and the Earth; it is casting the shadow of the feminine over Humanity. People will find a returning to the maternal. This can manifest in different ways: many will die and choose to return to mother earth, many will re-connect or deepen their relationships with their mothers or maternal figures, and many will heal old maternal wounds. This is a time of nurturing and sensuality. We ask all of you to spend the few days before, during, and after these events taking care of yourself. Explore your senses by creating experiences that feel good, eat food that taste good, look at beauty, listen to beautiful sounds, and actually stop to smell the roses. This is the ending of the gateway time that started around the solar eclipse of last month. Your seeds have been set. Take this ending phase to let go of expectations. The more you can detach from how these seeds will manifest bloom, and bear fruit, the easier it is for us and the Universe to move you through the details. So take this time to relax, reflect, and prepare for your next adventure.”

I then told the Fairies that I knew many people were feeling more stagnant or that things were only slowly crawling forward. “Do you have perspective for those of us that feel like we are not at an end?”

”You need to stop perceiving your life as a to-do list and start seeing the journey and the many phases you have been through. Truly look at what you have done or ‘been through’ the last ten years. Even though at times you feel stuck or stagnant you can look back and see the shifts and the Divine timing of it all.”

I thanked the Fairies and came back to share this with all of you.