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Blue Moon

I feel like I have lived multiple lifetimes since my last blog in June. The Fairies have assured me that we are experiencing things “sped up” so we are processing, releasing, and experiencing things on a very different level. Welcome to the peak of 2012. Many experienced the intensity of the astrological dance that happened over the last couple months and feel drug behind a bus. The truth is; we all have been stripped of a layer of illusion. Many are finding that they have to let go of relationships that have been key for the last decade or more. Do not feel guilty about this release. You can find the gentlest way possible and allow yourself this freedom. They need this for their path as much as you do. Old family dynamics are shifting. This too is needed. All that you have experienced is what you needed to gain clarity and shift out of the limiting illusions that you have been living under. We have all had a level of self oppression that has been lifted in some way. I asked the Fairies to give me a message about this and the upcoming Blue Moon. The Fairy of the Blue Moon stepped forward and gave me this message:

“Humanity is preparing for a massive shift of consciousness. This last decade has been a slow turning of the wheel that gradually gained speed with every turn. You are now going at a very fast pace. It is time for you to surrender to the flow but consciously move with it. Do not allow yourself to just be pulled along or to resist it. You must speak your truth and be clear about the experience you wish to create. Then detach from the details of how. Then detach from what form you believe it should manifest in. Then detach from your ego’s idea that it has any control over your path. Accept that not everyone you have known and cared for will be joining you on this ride. Accept that the world is in the midst of huge change which means you are experiencing the chaos of the shift. Accept that no matter what you perceive and judge is happening; it is all Divine, and perfect, and part of your highest good, and the experience that will bring you a step closer to your next goal. You are being handed the sword of your power to wield. It is your choice to grasp it. It is your choice to use it. It is your choice to align with the light of the One and your Authentic self. Otherwise you continue to create struggle by denying yourself. The easiest and softest way is to stop pretending that you can contain the limitless magical being that is you in your limited physical reality and form. This Blue Moon is the perfect opportunity to experience your limitlessness, your full consciousness, and your complete Divine beauty. Open to this amazing light and experience you. No matter what you do or experience or create, there will be a shift. This moon brings clarity for all.”