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Year of the Water Dragon: A Message for the New Year

I had the privilege of channeling for a dear friend who is very connected to the Dragons. Since it was the Chinese New Year and the Year of the Dragon, they had a message they wanted to share with everyone. Here it is:

So, here we are at the Year of the Water Dragon and what we Dragons would like humanity to understand is that this is the year to step into your Power, into your fierceness, and to do it all in a gentle way! It does not have to be the conflict of energies that it has been in the past. It does not have to be a power struggle nor will it be a struggle for authority over or power over others. It will be like a giant exhale as you relax into yourself. It will be like peeling off an old tight costume and running naked and free through the fields. You have spent the last couple of years pushing though resistance; both your’s and other people’s. That time is over and done. All that pressure has made a beautiful diamond that is you. This diamond sparkles the best when it is brought into sunlight and the whole world can see it!
Allow yourself to step into the light and Shine!

This message was channeled through Elizabeth Saenz on January 23, 2012