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A message about the fires in Colorado

I was recently in Colorado while wild fires were growing across the state. I have met many who are affected by the damage these fires are causing. Story after story is being posted about towns being evacuated and families losing their homes and all their belongings. It was brought to my attention that I needed to get a message from the Fairies about this situation. Afterward I realized that their message pertained to the proverbial fires burning in our lives. I feel that many of us have been experiencing our own trial by fire. It is important to remember that fire is a transformative energy. There are times when we need the intensity of fire to clear away the old and allow us to move forward. Let yourself experience you own Phoenix shift. Remember that this includes time to grieve the loss of that which has past, and rest before you take flight. Here is the message from the Phoenix Fairy.

“The Phoenix dance can be difficult for Humanity. A raging fire is not out of control, just out of your control. The Phoenix dance is one of change and surrender. You must accept the powers that are greater then your consciousness, are doing what is for the highest and best, and trust you are being moved to a better situation, because you were a part of this decision too. Transition can feel chaotic and wrong but it is just the time between. You were settled into an old way and you will settle into a new way but in the transition you cannot settle. This clearing of the old will not last forever. Trust in the Divine timing of it all. For those in Colorado, remember that this is a co-creation. The Earth, the land, the plants, the animals (including Humans) were all involved with this creation. There are many beings, from Fairy and other Realms, helping with this transition. Call on them to help with your needs and ask for guidance.” ~ The Phoenix Fairy

If you wish to help those who have been displaced I have been given this link: