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Beltane Ceremony ~ Fairy Wishes

I was asked on my Facebook Page for a Fairy Spell for Beltane. I am not one for traditional spells and I strongly believe in discovering your own connection and your own way to work with The Fairy Realm. That being said, I do love ritual and felt like this was a great time to ask the Fairies for direction for myself and those who would like to connect with them at this sacred time of year. I was told the following instructions:

Find a flat stone or small dish and make sure it is clean. Place a nice helping of honey on it. On a piece of paper right down the three issues you would like solutions to; the ones causing you the most worry or stress. It can also be things you perceive as blocks or you just would like to have shifted. Near sunset place the honey outside (even on a window’s ledge). Then say “Fairies I offer you this as token of my gratitude for your assistance in (read the three things you wrote). I trust your wisdom and will follow your guidance.” That night burn the paper as a symbol of release. Then enjoy a spoonful of honey straight or on toast.

Remember that our blocks on prosperity are our blocks on our personal power and joy. Use this ceremony to connect with these powerful beings and the magic within you. Trust your intuition as you face these issues afterwards. Sometimes that inner knowing is our guides talking to us.

Happy Beltane! May your Days be full of joy, prosperity, and peace.

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