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The Day the Bees Destroyed Me

Bees are about achieving the impossible. They are one of the most important and sacred creatures on this planet. I recently watched Queen of the Sun a brilliant documentary discussing bees and the current problems of Colony Collapse Disorder. If you have a chance please see this movie. This has prompted me to share my experience with the Bees and some information I have gathered. The bees have been in my life since the day I was born. The small house in the country I was born in had a 4 foot beehive in the wall. Living in a rural area in the San Joaquin Valley in California I interacted with lots of different animals and plants. I think my first of many bee stings came when I was running outside barefoot and stepped on a bee in the lawn. I grew up eating lots of honey; as a condiment or straight. There were even a couple local beekeepers we would get honey from.

Fast forward to Whidbey Island Wa where I currently live. About 5 years ago I was attending an evening at the metaphysical store that I did session at once a week. I don’t even remember what the evening was supposed to be about. We, as a group, were being lead on a meditation with the use of a crystal bowl. As we started our journey inward I was almost instantly picked up by bees and flown to a throne in the middle of a tree. There were tons of bees here of all different sizes some as small as a honey bee others were gigantic 10 foot monsters. The biggest of the 10 foot monsters came behind and sucked all of my blood out of my body. I remember thinking that was a much more spider then bee like thing to do. Two small honeybees landed on the inside of my wrists and stuck their stingers into my veins. They then filled my circulatory system with a honey like substance. Once that was complete the giant bee from behind me stuck a long tongue into the top of my head. Then my brain and skull were filled with another substance. As soon as this was complete a swarm of bees descended upon me and started tearing off my skin and hair, then they stripped away my muscles followed by my organs. Then I was nothing but bones, a brain, and circulatory system. A human size bee stepped forward and said that they had to take my bones too. I told them if they took my bones I would have nothing left. She then walked over and broke edges off of my ribs and said they were too fragile. They have to go and you have to trust. I then agreed and all my bones were removed. So I experienced my self sitting there as a beating honey heart and a honey brain but only for a moment. The bees came in and started to rebuild my skeleton with twigs and sticks. Then my muscles were replaced with leaves that were coated in honey, sap, and nectar. My organs and skin were different flowers and fruit. Soon I was this nature woman sitting on a tree throne surrounded by bees. They then celebrated and I slowly came back to my body in a chair in that meditation knowing nothing of what had been said by the leader of the circle. When I shared this story with a Shaman friend of mine she smiled and let a big sigh. She said “They claimed you. The bees have claimed you. What you are telling me is a shamanic deconstruction. It is one of the most powerful animal spirit experiences you can have. That is it you know. The Bee is now your totem and there is no turning back. How wonderful for you!”

So since then I have been having an even deeper relationship with the bees. I started researching and discovering how they had always been present in my life. I have always understood who they are and respected them. I also started realizing other parts of my path, like Pan and the Fairies, were connected deeply with Bees also. One of the messages they have shared with me that I try to share as much as possible is their definition of pollinating. They say this is not just an act of collecting pollen and spreading the life of flowers. This is an act of maintaining the Earth’s Grid. They hold and help regulate the shifts in the Earth’s vibration. It makes sense that Colony Collapse Disorder would manifest in this time of great shifting on our planet. What better way to get the world’s attention on these sacred workers?

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It’s a Mad World

Since the first of the year a phenomenon has been happening in the animal kingdom. All over the world animals are falling out of the sky, washing ashore, and turning up dead. Thousands of birds have turned up here in the states in California, Arkansas, Louisiana, Kentucky, as well as Sweden, dead. Just fell out of the sky dead. Thousands of soft shelled Devil Crabs washed ashore in the UK. As many as 100,000 fish have turned up dead in Arkansas, and more in Maryland, Brazil, and New Zealand.  The bees continue to turn up with whole hives dead or completely missing.

There are many people who want to point fingers and blame things like pesticides or cell towers or radiation for this occurrence. While any of those may be true, I like to look at why. The universe is communicating to us all the time in many ways. Sometimes we need a big noise to make us pay attention. We are heading into 2012 and, if for no other reason than many have focused a lot of intention on this date, there will be change.

As I watch crazy weather, floods, and mass hysteria sweep over our world I want my focus to be love and peace. Not in a place of complacency but in a place of power. I want to actively love and create peace. So I asked the Fairies for another perspective of this whole situation. This is their brief message:

“You have asked for change and you are brought change. Open to the experience of what is happening in your world. Embrace the chaos for it is needed to find a new order. You have the power. All the options lay before you; all you have to do is choose. You can focus on fear or you can focus on love. You can try to combat what you see or create a place of rest. Use your feelings of hurt, anger, and being scared as a compass to find your way. Find your joy, love, and peace. Do not deny what is happening but do not hold on to it either. Watch it all sail by like ships on the water. Find your center.”

I feel like we have a big junk drawer that was dumped out in front of us and now is our time to organize it. Throw out what you don’t need and collect the tools you do. Once that is done we can access everything we want whenever we need it.

So in the wake of many crazy, sometimes scary, often sad events happening in our world I offer you this, it is Divine. All that is happening has a purpose, one we might never know. Instead of trying to wrap our brains around something incomprehensible we should open our hearts. Find where you can create more peace in your life. Do what is in front of you. That is the only way to move forward in peace.

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