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Fairies and Aliens

Several years ago I was doing a reading for a client and the Fairy that appeared looked very different then any other fairy I had seen. Its energy was Fairy but also slightly different then what I was use to.

I told him “Sorry but you look almost more like an alien then a Fairy to me.”

He responded, “Do you think we Fairies only work on your planet?”

It was one of those times I realized my own limited thinking and had to expand more. The message for the woman was about her galactic connection.

I have a funny relationship with the whole Alien concept. I am very attracted to it and yet also feel uncomfortable with it. So it is not surprising that the Fairies have come to me and said it is time to embrace and learn about their galactic connection. I am just starting this new leg of discovery but I wanted to share the bits I have gleamed so far. I hope this will help others expand their concept of Fairy and in turn of our universe.

Let’s start at the beginning; the beginning of consciousness. The same Divine spark that ignited your consciousness ignited the consciousness in all the plants, animals, and minerals on earth. It doesn’t stop there. This is the same spark of consciousness that is in every planet, every mineral, every alien being that you can find, as well as the Fairies and the Angels. All of these beings are a part of “the One” (as the Fairies call it). The same Divinity in you is in the entire universe. This spark started life, started consciousness, and continues to do so, and will continue to do so.

The universe is not an accident. Everything is placed where it is for a reason, even if we don’t understand why. When you go out into our solar system the elements exist on every planet in different ways. Again this is not an accident. The Fairies are often referred to as elementals (some say they are different beings, that’s another blog) because they are connected to the elements; not just earth, wind, water, and fire or the Eastern philosophy where you add a few more. They are connected to the entire Periodic table of elements. They are connected to all natural energies. We often think of these energies as being completely Earth based, but they are not. Our natural world is the entire universe we are a part of. The Sun and stars and moon are often seen as a part of our natural world but they do not exist on Earth. This is not really a new concept. We feel the effects of the phases of the moon and its energy. We use astrology to track the stars and planets and the effect they have on us. We have even started tracking solar flares and the effects they have on our planet. The Fairies want us to be aware of our interaction with this nature as well as our forests, beaches, mountains, and deserts here.

There are Fairies that are connected to just our planet and the natural energies here as well as Fairies connected to other planets and the natural energies there. Then of course there Fairies who are not connected to any planet, but we will talk about them at another time. Sometimes there is a need for the planets to connect, the Fairies act as ambassadors, with each other and the beings on those planets. The Fairies see every planet and its inhabitants as a larger family. They often refer to what we call aliens as our “brothers in the sky”. Even if we don’t think of them as family, we could think of them as part of our larger world. The Fairies helping us create a Galactic UN of sorts (Can you tell I was raised on Star Trek?)

As we expand our concepts of ourselves and our reality we need to open to all possibilities. When we embrace all beings on our planet and other planets we allow for more information and opportunities in our reality. I do believe the time is approaching when we will have a more conscious contact with our brothers in the sky. For that to happen we must keep expanding our awareness of them and our connection to them.