Wisdom from The Fairies and Me

Who I am

Elizabeth Saenz is a Reiki Master, ThetaHealing practitioner, ordained minister, channels fairies, and often a voice for the many unseen around us. She offers workshops, one on one sessions, books, products, videos, and many writings on her website:  http://www.theexpandedgateway.com

Please take today to honor your soul’s longing to express itself in your life. There are many with you supporting and guiding you right now.


Comments on: "Who I am" (3)

  1. Was just wondering how you were introduced to the Faerykind.. Have you had any initial encounters ? Have you been connected to them even as a little child? Is it purely because of your Reiki gift that you sense them?

    I posted on your facebook page about my first conscious encounter with one of these beautiful Beings. She didnt look as I would expect a faery to look like– as Tinkerbell (however, I’ve read that many have encountered faeries that actually DO look like small winged humans, and that there are many many kinds of Faery Beings) She was small and had a delicate bone structure- very exquisite and beautiful without needing to look human to be beautiful. She had an inner spiritual beauty about her and was very calm. Her eyes were totally all dark brown with no irises–but not scary. Actually, they were reflecting empathy . She was sharing my sadness I was feeling at the time over a family situation. She looked very much like Brian Froud’s version of Pixies– only much more softer and with more long oval, wide-set eyes and had an inner innocence and softness about her. She had soft light , flawless cocoa brown skin. Brian Froud’s Pixies looked more bratty and wiry looking- (cute though ;-))

    My psychic senses are not opened to the extent that I can see these Beings- but as a Christian, I had put the situation before Jesus’s hands for confirmation –asking Him to allow me to meet one of these Beings one day– IF they really exist. That prayer was answered one month later and when I least expected it. Also, prior to my encounter I had never seen most of Brian Froud’s paintings of faeries and had never seen any painting of his pixies to have influenced my sight. She appeared as she is in her dimension, and the Lord showed me that these Beings who work for Light- no matter who, are not just humans. There are many Beings that are connected with God’s Spirit . I don’t know if they call God the same names we do, but the ones who have accepted God know Him.

    Since then, I’ve seen the Faery appear as lights zooming by- sparkly pink comet-like lights , white zooming lights, etc. They are wonderful and I thank them for sharing this Earth with us– It is so wonderful to be opened as co-workers with them . I love them.

  2. just wanted to share- that after typing my comment here, in my heart, I just recieved a collective , warm “Welcome with us!!” message.. They do listen and are aware of our conversations about them …wow! 🙂

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