Wisdom from The Fairies and Me

Tonight we experienced the Super full moon and lunar eclipse. This means the moon is the closest it can be to the Earth and it is full, being the biggest and brightest it can be at this time. We also had a lunar eclipse. As you can imagine this creates a powerful magical time. I woke up with a headache this morning and most psychic aware people I talked to experienced the same thing. There was a lot of activity happening around us and within us today as we shift on a cellular level. We are always changing and shifting but occasionally we have these windows of time that allow for that leap forward. This is one of those times. Tonight as the full moon was peaking my headache got worse. When I asked what I could do to help myself the Fairies said “Listen”. There was a message bursting to come out. Below you will find this message.

“Clarity, release, and transformation; these events can be simultaneously painful, exhausting, invigorating, and blissfully freeing. This bright full moon is a spotlight on all your relationships, be it with other beings, things, or with yourself. It is showing you all the cracks in your foundation, and all the hazards that are on your path. It is also showing you all the beauty, colors, pleasures, and rainbows that dance through your world. The clarity can be hurting your eyes but it is needed and will dim soon. It is with this clarity that you see all that needs to be released. You are in the middle of a house clearing, both inner and outer. The eclipse makes all that has been hiding in the shadows, in the far corners of your life, come into vision. It is time to release the behaviors that hold you back and create struggle. It is time to let those relationships that just drain you fall away. It is time to stop just checking off your to do list and instead look at the choice of each ‘should’ and ‘have to’ and where those choices are leading you. This release creates room for the transformation. When a snake sheds its skin or a caterpillar turns to a butterfly they know a very important trick; you have to rest in between each step. Clarity, rest, release, rest, transform, rest, step forward, rest. Rest does not mean you have to stop and be absolutely still, though it may be good for you to do that too. Rest can be play, which rests the spirit. Rest can be a resting of the mind and the constant running you are doing in there. Rest can be laughing till you cry or crying till you laugh. Rest could mean letting yourself off the hook for something you are ‘suppose to’ do and instead taking the ‘easy way’ or shortcut. You do not just have permission to rest but it is a mandatory requirement for your soul’s evolution. We Fairies love you!! You will burn brightly as this full moon and cover the Earth with your beauty. We are here holding up mirrors for you to see your life and yourself clearly. It is beautiful.” ~ The Fairies

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Comments on: "Fairy Channel on the Super Full Moon May 25th 2013" (2)

  1. Thank you for this Elizabeth! I was not consciously aware of the full moon or the eclipse yesterday, however many profound things did occur. I have a very nice viogt crystal that I use while doing fairy card readings. Lately I have been rather unconsciously moving it about my house with the intention of cleaning/clearing it. It was in the laundry room for about a week, till yesterday, I decided to rinse it in filtered water, dry it with a clean dish towel, and set it outside to “charge” in the sunlight, and promptly forgot about it. It was cloudy and rainy here last night but I expect that the moonlight was still able to have it’s way with the crystal. After having a productive day, I came down with a headache and my eyes were burning like crazy. Allergies I thought. So it was interesting to read this article this morning. Wow! I then did a random, open book from “Fairy Tid-bits” this morning, I opened to #s 74 & 75. 74 being about full moon energy and 75 being about crystal fairies. Life is always interesting in Fairy world!

  2. Carolyn Woods said:

    Yep, I am in the rest mode. Just got up at 11:30 am after going to bed at the super early time, for me, of 9:30! Still feel tired, but felt I wanted to get up and enjoy some of the day. Thanks for the channeling, I always enjoy them.

    Love you, Carolyn

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