Wisdom from The Fairies and Me

In my adventurous life I have had another epiphany. I can ask for help from actual people. This is a revolutionary concept, I know. The hard work of creating a life full of wonderful meaningful relationships is done. I don’t have people in my life unless there is connection, love, and respect there. Yet, when I get into a stuck place, a hard place, or a challenge, I don’t ask for help. I ask God, my guides, the powers that be, but not those who love and support me here in the physical world. This week has been my wake-up call. There was a time in my life when I couldn’t trust those around me; a time when I was on a self-destructing path and attracted similar people to me. That time is in the past but I was still operating as if I had to do it all alone. I felt ashamed that I would need someone else. This is connected to my feelings of making a mistake. My internal drive for perfection was a safe guard to protect me from having to rely on others. In the past when I relied on others it lead to disappointment. I had to talk myself into looking at my life differently. I started thinking about my relationships and how amazing they were. The out pouring of love and support that I have allowed myself to finally take in has been overwhelming. As a good friend of mine and I joke about, we have a low joy tolerance and can only let in so much.
I truly appreciate everyone in life, including all of you who read my blogs, interact with my Facebook page, clients, friends, and family. My life is so blessed I forget that it is okay for me to ask for more if I need it. I can be human, weak, and vulnerable. The people in my life all have their own strengths and would gladly use those strengths for my benefit in the same way I use mine for their benefit. I hope this blog helps someone else who may be trying to go it alone to ask for help. If it feels scary, think of someone you would help no matter what and ask them. I am sure they will feel the same way about you. It is safe for us to open and receive love continuously. Let it in.


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