Wisdom from The Fairies and Me

This month I was asked three great questions and I thought I would answer two now and the third in my next blog since the answer is a message from the Fairies.

“I have had some interesting history come up on elves when looking into ancestry and bloodlines. It looks like in the olden days – very olden days – they did refer to families that came from the elf kind. Not the best wording on my part. But, even if the first part of this statement is not relevant, can you explain the difference between elves and fairies?”

When I use the term Fairy I am referring to a certain being type. With the Realm of Fairy there are many beings that have been called many things. Elves are a particular race in the realm of Fairy. Generally they look more Human and are very connected to the Celtic people and land. I find Elves to be very aligned with the arts like music and writing and often help Humans with these type of projects. Also those with Elf blood are more artistically inclined. Their features (Elves and those with Elf blood) can be very elongated and pointed; think tall thin, long arms and legs, as well as pointed chins or ears.

“I met and married a very complex English man who was in a lot of his own pain, but like me, nuclear awareness had taken its toll, and depressed his spirit. He was mentally rather deranged but also a genius with amazing insight and so much I learnt from him. However, he claimed that all spirit life had been “evacuated” from our planet including faeries, elves, goblins, leprechauns, Pan etc. It was 1987. Have you any comments or details to enlighten me?”

From my perspective there has never been a time when they were evacuated or a complete disconnection between the Realms. The Fairies have talked about how our Realms have moved apart and then closer together again. This is not in distance as we see it but more in connection between the two. There have been times when it was harder for them to come here or us to go there. These were times when the mass consciousness of Humanity had been more closed to the idea of magic and magical beings and more focused on Earth Reality (like the industrial revolution has been referenced as one of those times). Even in these times there were people that felt the presence of the Fairy and worked with them. In the last 15 years there has been a “closing of the gap” where it is becoming easier and easier for the two Realms to communicate. More and more people are being tapped to connect or rediscover a natural connection to the Fairy.

I will answer one of your questions each month in my Blog and on Facebook. Please ask your question in the comments below. Also I will be answering more general questions you have about The Fairies not personal questions for you or your connection. If you would like that you can purchase a personal Fairy Message from my website.


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