Wisdom from The Fairies and Me

It’s a Mad World

Since the first of the year a phenomenon has been happening in the animal kingdom. All over the world animals are falling out of the sky, washing ashore, and turning up dead. Thousands of birds have turned up here in the states in California, Arkansas, Louisiana, Kentucky, as well as Sweden, dead. Just fell out of the sky dead. Thousands of soft shelled Devil Crabs washed ashore in the UK. As many as 100,000 fish have turned up dead in Arkansas, and more in Maryland, Brazil, and New Zealand.  The bees continue to turn up with whole hives dead or completely missing.

There are many people who want to point fingers and blame things like pesticides or cell towers or radiation for this occurrence. While any of those may be true, I like to look at why. The universe is communicating to us all the time in many ways. Sometimes we need a big noise to make us pay attention. We are heading into 2012 and, if for no other reason than many have focused a lot of intention on this date, there will be change.

As I watch crazy weather, floods, and mass hysteria sweep over our world I want my focus to be love and peace. Not in a place of complacency but in a place of power. I want to actively love and create peace. So I asked the Fairies for another perspective of this whole situation. This is their brief message:

“You have asked for change and you are brought change. Open to the experience of what is happening in your world. Embrace the chaos for it is needed to find a new order. You have the power. All the options lay before you; all you have to do is choose. You can focus on fear or you can focus on love. You can try to combat what you see or create a place of rest. Use your feelings of hurt, anger, and being scared as a compass to find your way. Find your joy, love, and peace. Do not deny what is happening but do not hold on to it either. Watch it all sail by like ships on the water. Find your center.”

I feel like we have a big junk drawer that was dumped out in front of us and now is our time to organize it. Throw out what you don’t need and collect the tools you do. Once that is done we can access everything we want whenever we need it.

So in the wake of many crazy, sometimes scary, often sad events happening in our world I offer you this, it is Divine. All that is happening has a purpose, one we might never know. Instead of trying to wrap our brains around something incomprehensible we should open our hearts. Find where you can create more peace in your life. Do what is in front of you. That is the only way to move forward in peace.

For more info on all the animal deaths you can read this article:


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Comments on: "It’s a Mad World" (2)

  1. Thank you…I’ve allowed whats happening to be chaos in my own life…I can’t say a BIG enough Thank-You for that slap to bring me back into focus…I work w/ nearly 400 cats and dogs…I tend to their illnesses…and the death rate has been crazy lately…and I have felt so responsible…especially today…I’ve been in tears more, than not…And you addressing this here/now was a “Fairy-send”:))))thankyouthankyouthankyou W/ all my soul…I really mean it…Tamra

  2. Thank you Tamra for sharing your experience. This message was for me too. We all can get caught up in the chaos.

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